Creating Forms 1099 & 1096 in Patriot’s Accounting Software

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Creating Forms 1099 and 1096 in Patriot’s Accounting Software

You can create and print paper 1099 forms to give to your contractors, and file a paper 1096 form with the IRS. You also have the option to have Patriot e-File your 1099 forms with the IRS. For more details, see our help article, Electronically Filing Your 1099s.

First, make sure you have completed the steps mentioned in the article Before You Create 1099 Forms to ensure you have everything you need.

Create 1099/1096 for paper filing

Before you paper file your own 1099s and 1096 with the IRS, go to:

Reports > 1099 Contractor Forms > Create and View 1099/1096 Forms

  • Select the year
  • Click the “Create New” link
  • Under “Action” click “Download Options”
    • 1099-NEC (to be printed on 1099 forms)
    • 1096 (for 1096 forms)
    • 1099-NEC (Print Friendly – to be printed on 8×11 white office paper)
  • A pdf will download with the form type you selected.
  • You may also find this article helpful, ” Viewing and Printing Forms 1099 and 1096.”

Create 1099/1096 for E-Filing

Reports > 1099 Contractor Forms > e-File 1099s

Keep in mind that if you have any contractors who are set to receive a 1099 but are missing a tax ID, you will see a message with a link to enter this missing information first.

At the end of the e-filing process, you will be able to download your 1099 forms to distribute to vendors and contractors. To learn more about e-filing, please read our help article, Electronically File Your 1099s

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