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"As a startup nonprofit, we needed something that would be able to meet our payroll needs without breaking the bank. Patriot has done this, in addition to providing amazing customer care." Francesca, Humansave

Patriot Payroll Reviews

Thousands of small businesses rely on Patriot Software to make sure their payroll runs smoothly, quickly, and affordably. See how our customers use Patriot to streamline their payroll process.

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4.8 / 5 Stars
4.8 Stars
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Payroll for Small Businesses

Hear how Patriot is the most affordable and easiest payroll software for your small business! One of our customers talks about how using Patriot has made her payroll process so much easier!

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Hear how now more than ever, it's important to cut costs and make your payroll process much smoother. Hear one of our customers explain just how much value he gets out of using Patriot for payroll!

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Really great for us!

Hear how one Patriot customer talks about using Patriot for his franchise businesses. Paying W2 employees and contractors has never been easier!

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"I love you guys. I’ve used the ‘Big Guys’ and I really do prefer your software."
Anecia Sewer, Love City Car Ferries, Inc.

"In small business, we are told you get what you pay for. That is a lie. I am getting way more than I could have dreamed. I am absolutely amazed. The software is easily half the cost of any other option out there. It is absolutely unreal. Your service has continually blown me away. I wish everything in life was as easy to get started and get help with."
Antonio Gonclaves, On Point Reps

"I highly recommend Patriot Software to any business! Starting up was very easy with knowledgeable people at Patriot. Anytime I ever called in with questions, support was so helpful and very friendly. Definitely a 5-star plus!"
Jennifer Miller, Dave Miller Trucking

"Patriot Software was a godsend. The software price point is right where we need it. The software has all the tools we need for a small business instead of hiring an outside company to take care of our administrative purposes. The software package was easy to learn and teach to our new employees. Our employees can login and access their own present/past paychecks. If needed, I have the option to override anything I see fit. I have already recommended Patriot Software. I cannot say enough good things about it!"
Lyman Schimming, L & B Embroidery, Inc.

"I cannot say enough about the support I receive each and every time I need assistance from you all at Patriot Software! I am good with cars, and computers… but man, do I hate doing payroll. You guys have made it easy! Always greeted professionally when I call, information and help always dispersed in a friendly and easy to understand manner… I had a big payroll issue with another company, and while they don’t readily admit it, I believe that they lost my information… and after seventeen calls to their “customer service” line, which involved losing at minimum, two hours each call, and going through the same steps, every, single, time… ugh, I still could not access my payroll to do my taxes. I called a few companies inquiring about their services… you guys, hands down, have every other company beat by a country mile! Service, pricing, ease of use. Thanks! The only other way to make it better, would be to make it free! Thanks again for your help with my questions! Stars? Not enough… five big sparkly ones!"
Steven Fradkin, PSD Ltd

"Having a chance to use the software with a free trial period and no obligation or long-term contract is great! Getting started was easy and everything runs smooth. Your customer service is top-notch. My few questions were answered very quickly. I highly recommend Patriot Software to anyone looking to streamline their business."
Douglas DeLoach, Heavenly Housekeeping, Inc.

"Easy-to-use software. You can go online and use the software which is great! You guys are always there for me to answer my questions."
Matthew Gilson, Spectrum Capital Corp.

"I moved to Patriot Software last year, and it was one of the best business decisions I have made in a very long time. I LOVE PATRIOT SOFTWARE PAYROLL!!!! The product and service are outstanding. Patriot Software is a comprehensive payroll software, but is very intuitive and easy to use. I am thrilled at how easy it is to navigate through the system and process a payroll. The product and service are outstanding."
Heidi Sealy, Execuclean Janitorial Services

"Patriot Software works really well for us. It is extremely user-friendly and reasonably priced. The online chat is great; it has helped me a lot when I have questions. The support staff is great. I would recommend using this software."
Patty Eagon, Evangelical Lutheran Synod Kingdom Workers, Inc.

"Very easy to use; virtually foolproof. Takes very little time to learn nuances of the program. It’s great."
Dr. Michael Skiver, Harrod Veterinary Clinic

"I am very pleased with the software. It’s so helpful… performed far better than I expected."
Tyra Oneal, Emergent Staffing Services

"Very simple software. When I called in with a question, it was answered quickly. The payroll and tax software is great, and I know if I have to do it myself it would be expensive and time-consuming; I don’t want to deal with that."
Bruce Lessey, Bruce Lessey Real Estate

"It is very user-friendly. I recommend it for all small businesses!"
Theresa Jutte, Jutte’s Flowers & Gifts, Ltd.

"The software is excellent for what I need it to do. We are a very small company and do not need any of the big fancy bells and whistles. It’s great to have access to all of the data online so I do not have to save and back up the files and risk losing them."
Matt Towers, MT Technical Services, Inc.

"Awesome! Really easy to use. The online chat is very useful. When I have questions, you guys answer back very quickly!"
Lee Burgess, Affordable Moonwalk Rentals, Inc.

"No issues. The software is very easy; it’s simple to use, easy to set up. It’s good."
Jay Swindle, Stemulate, LLC

"Great software that is easy to use with great customer support. I have used payroll software with other companies in the past, and it’s been a nightmare waiting on hold and not reaching a knowledgeable person. With Patriot, you get quick, expert support every time. I have already recommended you guys."
Tie Smith, College of Charleston Foundation

"Patriot Software is easy to use. You guys have a great support staff. If I need an explanation on something you guys are there to help. I recommend this company."
Eulia Gadson, Beautiful Beginnings Early Learning Center, LLC

"I am so glad I found you guys. You are wonderful people. The software is fantastic and easy to use. It is very inexpensive for all that it accomplishes. I recommend it!"
Stacey Mintz, Carolina Direct Inc.

"I think Patriot Software is great. The software does everything we need for our small company and at a reasonable price."
Mona Garcia, Makenzie’s Welders

"The software is wonderful. It’s very inexpensive. I have been very pleased with the services and support staff."
Kimberly Long, Flicker Theatre & Bar, Inc

"Patriot Software is great. The software does its job well and it’s reasonably priced."
Kyle Krause, Law Office of Kyle Krause, Prof. LLC

"Patriot Software is very user-friendly. Coming in as a new employee to this agency I was able to easily pick up on the software. The Patriot support team is very eager to help and answer any question that I have."
Jamie Niekamp, Fort Recovery Insurance Agency, Inc.

"Patriot Software is very easy to use. It is very inexpensive compared to other software on the market. I recommend it."
Melynda Bauer, Bauer Appliance & Repair Incorporated

"Patriot Software is very user-friendly and reasonably priced. I like the ease of being able to make adjustments for time and reimbursements to individual employees. I would recommend using this software."
Jessica Cessna, Maroon Picket Fence, LLC

"Patriot Software has great customer service. Whenever I call in with a question I always get an immediate response. I have had no issues in using the software and it has performed well for me. The price is reasonable and I recommend this software."
Daniel D. Christopherson

"Patriot Software is easy to use. The software is reasonably priced. I would recommend it."
Grigoriy Vayner, Sima’s Loving Day Care Center

"Love Patriot Software. It takes all the pain out of doing payroll. I have used other software before and it was just too overly complicated. Patriot Software is easy to use and they have a great support team."
Brad Harger

"Patriot Software is a comprehensive payroll and tax service. The software is very intuitive and set at a very reasonable price. The customer support team is very willing to help with any questions. I would recommend this easy-to-use software."
David Orringer, Velo Med, PLC

"Patriot Software is very intuitive. It is easy and very simple to use. The pricing is very reasonable. The price is far less than other software providers. I would recommend using this software."
Ryan Vande Berg, Ryan Vande Berg, CPA

"We are a small business with very basic needs where payroll is concerned, so we decided to try Patriot Software. The program provides all the reports we need and the conversion and customer support were amazing. We actually got a call from our customer service representative to tell me she didn’t want to leave me hanging over the weekend with an unresolved issue. Wow! I feel confident that this was a good move for our business."
Rose Mattran, Sales Consultants of Sarasota, Inc.

"With the free set-up offered by Patriot Software, it’s virtually brainless. All I have to do is plug the hours in and click the button… It’s done! By switching to Patriot Software I am saving nearly 400% from my previous payroll option. In the food industry, it’s a great fringe benefit for my employees when I run payroll every week, and to be only charged monthly for this service is much appreciated."
James Sherman, Hillcrest Foods LLC

"I love Patriot Software. It makes my job a lot easier. We were doing our payroll by hand and now it’s simple to record the payroll and print off the reports to give to our accountant."
Kristie, Dr. John A. Jennings

"Patriot Software is great. The software is easy to use and simple to navigate. The general pricing is very reasonable and I would recommend using this software."
Hesham Mohd, Alrubaidi Investments LLC

"We love Patriot Software. The software is very easy to navigate and the customer support is an A+! I have already recommended this software."
Lori McGinnis, Younique Creations, LLC

"We are a small company that was searching for affordable software and we found it! We love Patriot Software. The software is really easy and simple to use."
Beth, LowestMed

"Patriot Software does everything that I need it to do. It’s not too fancy and more economically sound than other payroll software that I have used. I am quite happy with the software and reasonable pricing."
Nathan Kung, Sahara Nights Hookah LLC

"I love Patriot Software. I switched over from a different payroll software provider and I am very happy that I did. The pricing is very reasonable and it has all the functions I need. Every time I call in with questions I get answers right away."
Mimi Liang, Evermore Logistics Inc.

"After talking with my accountant, I feel you all have a great business going on there. I’ve been in business for 40 years, and payroll has always been hard for me. Your software really makes it much easier."
Spencer Mace, Mace Construction Inc.

"If there was 10 stars, I would rate you 10. Software is very easy to use, fast and simple. Simply amazing!"
Alfredo Garay, Garay Refrisales

"I have been extremely pleased with the excellent service and customer support that I have received from Patriot over the years. I am especially happy with the simplicity of the system and the ease at which payrolls can be run, printed and then I just close my computer screen and Patriot does the rest. No more accounting nightmares, government forms to fill out, filing deadlines to remember, tax deposits to transfer and reconciliations to lose sleep over! Thank you, Patriot for restoring my freedom to focus on running my business."
Ron, Katron Realty Professionals, Inc.

"Pro: Very easy to use and simple. Reports are accurate and easy to read. Cons: Not really any... It would be nice if there was an easier way to handle employee purchases that are deducted from their pay. You can add money to a persons pay (like reimbursements for employee paid expenses) easily, but you can't deduct money without editing deductions before running payroll, then you have to remember to go back and change the deductions amount before the next payroll or you'll deduct the sames amount again..."
Lyman Schimming, L & B embroidery, Courtesy of Capterra

"I decided to pay my nanny over the table and was looking for a very basic payroll service that would calculate everything for me while also being affordable. Patriot definitely fit the bill. It's super reasonably priced, easy to use, and has the all the features I was looking for. Their customer service is extremely helpful and responsive when setting everything up. Bonus that they have free direct deposit. The only drawback so far is they don't support multiple pay rates for one employee/payroll (in a nanny situation this is common - 1 child vs 2 child rates); however, there was a pretty simple workaround and this feature is apparently going to be released soon. A+"
Marisa Wilson, Courtesy of Capterra

"Year three - great service and perfect for us. We are a super small, 5 employee operation and we needed a lot of support and help at the start setting up payroll and understanding everything! Patriot really saved us!!"
Christina Lane, NMCP, Courtesy of Capterra

"Love this software for my solo private practice in health care!"
Maggie Perry, Hilltop Anxiety Psychotherapy, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"This software is very user friendly. Entering in payroll is pretty easy and if there have been any questions, customer service has been very helpful."
Jessica Danielewicz, Cutting Edge Decks Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"I really enjoy this software. It makes it easy. I like this software all the way around."
Shonda Allred, JR's Transport #2, Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"We switched over to this software in the middle of the year. While, I chose to set everything up myself, customer service was there right to help with every single step. Any time I've had a question they've been able to answer either right away or find out for me as soon as possible. Our only "cons" would be that our paychecks need to be laid out a little differently than they allow and also, a plus would be to have an automatic vacation time addition. Each payroll I have to manually enter in hours for my employees. It would be nice to just have that added in for me. Overall, it's insanely easy... We are so glad we made the switch!"
Kymberly Smith, GRTAvionics, Courtesy of Capterra

"Love this payroll software. Very easy to use and a great value. 100% satisfied."
Elliot Marks, Platinum Fuel Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"I have found that with the minimal knowledge that I already had concerning business taxes this product is exactly what I needed to not have to pay high prices for an accountant. They also have been helpful in making sure that we have applied for and pay all taxes that we should. There were several things that I was unaware of that need to be paid."
Stephanie Fields, Glory Trucking LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Everything from payroll to taxes to W-2s is well set up and the staff are professional and courteous and leave the clients with peace of mind. I wouldn't use any other software for my business and employee needs."
Lisa Taylor, JTL Crude, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"For a few bucks each month, I can run my payroll from anywhere I can get on the internet. Its easy to use and available night and day. Like any software it has a few little quirks, but none that make me want to stop using it. Overall, its excellent, accessible, and easy enough to use once you figure out how you want things to work. I've told my CPA about it, and now he is recommending Patriot to many of his small business clients with good feedback as well."
Terry K, IT Magic, Courtesy of Capterra

"I have had a great experience working with Patriot! Always works and customer support is always ready to help me with any type of question! Thanks keep up the good work."
Dave Dooley, MedBill, Courtesy of Capterra

"I was using spreadsheets for my payroll and time sheets but entering them in patriot-software has been a lot simpler. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that the payroll history link disappeared before I was able to enter my complete history and I needed to get paycheck stubs to an employee for past payroll. Other than that, I am looking forward to the ease of my employees clocking in and out online instead of me having to remember what days they called out or was late to work. And patriot software is processing taxes, thank goodness."
Tamara Price, Too Convenient Stores, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"I had no problems quickly learning and using this software. They walk you through every step with helpful videos and tutorials. I needed a payroll software to pay the people that took care of my father and so many were either complicated, or seemed like overkill. If you want something simple that can grow with you, Patriot Pay is for you."
Bethany Dragoo, Home Caregivers, Courtesy of Capterra

"I am very happy with the service. Great one on one customer service. It is easy to use and has cut my workload in half. My only complaint is I wish the customer service was open more hours, sometimes work on payroll late or on the weekends and need help. Besides that - great program. I would highly recommend it!"
Kris Wilson, Air Crafters, Courtesy of Capterra

"I have signed 4 different LLCs and running the payroll every month. It works great for us."
William Wei, Haoyue Investments, Courtesy of Capterra

"We're a very small nonprofit organization, and we needed an option that was easy, convenient, and of course inexpensive. Patriot has met our needs and expectation...and more. After setting up direct deposit, Patriot handles everything. It takes us less than 10 minutes to do our bi-monthly payroll, and Patriot does the rest -- including all the tax filings and reports."
Lam Ho, Community Activism Law Alliance, Courtesy of Capterra

"I have used other payroll companies for years. When I saw that my employees can see their stubs, make changes to address and tax info without me, I fell in love with Patriot. My employees also find it easy to use and the prices are great."
Lloyd M., Marvelous Printing, Courtesy of Capterra

"I really like the software so far. It has been easy to set up, easy to use and when I called in, the customer service was pleasant and informative. So far I have no complaints."
Curt Blabaum, Physical Medicine, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot is super easy to use for a non-accountant person such as myself. Simply enter in the payroll period hours worked and it’s all taken care of for you! The tax service is such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! I love it!"
Jerry Hicks, Vapor Your Way, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pretty straightforward in set up and maintenance. Customer service is also good with an online chat at the ready anytime I had any questions."
Jeff Parks, E&J Marketing, Courtesy of Capterra

"Program is easy to use and support, both online and on the phone is wonderful – fast, helpful answers to all my questions."
Lynn van Nuys, Urban Bicycle Outfitters, Courtesy of Capterra

"I thought it was very easy to setup. Online application makes it very efficient. I love the software, and it is very affordable."
Tamara Maye, TCM Enterprise, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"I’ve used Patriot for over two years now. Entering payrolls is straightforward and easy. Patriot has been flawless with all federal and state filings. Best of all, whenever I’ve had a question, there was a knowledgeable person immediately on the the line with an answer. 5 stars for Patriot!"
Christopher Cline, Cline & Associates, Courtesy of Capterra

"Great deal, works well!"
David Parrish, Cruiser King, Courtesy of Capterra

"Customer service is amazing. I love the online chat option and the staff is always very helpful. The software is easy to use and with the Full Service Payroll they take care of everything!"
Kristy Winegarner, Sure Shot, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Robust payroll software that super easy to use and has all the desired functionality. Customer service very responsive via chat and email. Did I mention that it’s a great value!?"
Jodie Heorg, Caribbee, Courtesy of Capterra

"We are pleased with the Patriot software. Pros: easy to use, pays taxes on my behalf, prepares w-2, can be reached by phone or chat promptly. Cons: don’t know of any."
Max Bridge, Queensgate Family Chiropractic, Courtesy of Capterra

"Outstanding – user friendly."
Thomas Ginster, Ginster Law Office, PLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"I run a small business and use Patriot for my payroll needs. It is very easy to setup and use and the price is good too! It’s great having the chat option available, there are always knowledgeable representatives right there, waiting to help and the longest I have waited for a response was around 1 minute. Patriot is great, and I would recommend it to everyone!"
Michelle Samora, Tri-Mount Publications, Courtesy of Capterra

"I really like it and it’s ease of use. The only con are the reports available."
Yvette, Rushsylvania one stop llc, Courtesy of Capterra

"Perfect for the non expert. Easy setup excellent guide."
Amaury Tapia , Manager at Ecological Pest control, Courtesy of Capterra

"We had some questions with the payroll reports. The customer service representative was very helpful and made the process very easy and understandable."
Brent Spath, Owner at Carolina Wood Fence, Courtesy of Capterra

"So far it is great. I am new to Patriot software and have used them for my payroll. They have been extremely easy to get on the phone, and have been very helpful with the setup. I am not good at business related things and they made it fairly easy. Price is excellent as well."
Stephen Hatch, at Hatch SC Anesthesia LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"We have been using Patriot Software for a few months now and could not be happier. We do basic payroll for 3 employees and Patriot makes it so easy! We have also found the monthly tax filings simple and easy. This is going to make our 2016 tax year so much more efficient!"
Jess Crotty, at Chuck Horne Properties, Courtesy of Capterra

"Its really easy-to-use and user-friendly customer service, the interface is very informative and keeps notifying about what are the next pending steps before employee is really ready to go and all set for payroll. One of the best customer service for free as well as they help you to setup end-to-end and support reps makes sure that everything is done properly. Cons: The time off tracking. You have to assign the time before-hand otherwise you cant utilize it, you can't edit entries made when you block an employee time off."
Hiren Patel, at Leela Consultancy LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"This product is simple to setup. Easy to configure and use. The pricing is excellent! Best payroll software for small business that I have found."
Leonard Johnson, at Elite IT Systems, Courtesy of Capterra

"The ease of use and the price are outstanding. I did quite a bit of research and this is where I landed. I also like the options for add-ons as i go."
Cassi Kretz, at Jamboree Party Box, Courtesy of Capterra

"Trying to find the reports you need can be tricky until you know where to go. Once I talked to the Patriot team and they explained where everything was located it was a breeze."
Jassica Mendum, at Monkey Madness Of Ocala, Courtesy of Capterra

"The pros outweigh the con's and the software is amazingly simple to use."
Chris George, at CMG, Courtesy of Capterra

"The customer support is what sealed the deal. Also, the website is very intuitive and easy to navigate. The tutorials, and walking me through new hires was great."
Sunni Listo, at Dogpatch Resort, Courtesy of Capterra

"Very easy to use and if I have had any questions, I have always gotten someone on the phone who is very friendly, personable, and more "family" oriented; like we're friends. We are a new and very small company and this is exactly what we prayed for! You can't beat their price for all that they offer!"
Linda Wilfong, at Cure Construction, Courtesy of Capterra

"This software is online and easy to use. With Full service payroll they take care of all government filings. There are few settings that need to be done manually , e.g. added the 401k deduction to employee does not automatically set the box that says employee has retirement plan."

"I have had no complaints while using Patriot for the past few months, I was thankful to come upon it and switch. The ease of this system is so much easier than other software out there. I was pleasantly surprised with the Customer Service and their knowledge!"
Danielle Ratliff, at Family 4ward, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"I've used many payroll programs over the years and none were as easy to set up and use as Patriot. By far, Patriot exceeds it's promise for inexpensive and fully functional payroll software."
Anthony Pearson, at Anthony Pearson, Courtesy of Capterra

"I am an attorney representing small businesses. My role is to assist them in organizing and running efficiently. In that capacity I am a firm believer in keeping accounting, payroll and other services "in house." I tested the Patriot Basic Payroll software with the intent of recommending it to my clients. The software was simple and easy to use. The program can be easily adapted to the small business environment and with minimal input from the user calculates Federal and State withholding. An employee portal can be added allowing employees to obtain wage information. The monthly fee is very reasonable."
William Weiler, at Law Offices of William S. Weiler, Courtesy of Capterra

"This is a great product - so glad I tried it. Saved me $70/month."
Claudia Pope, at Financial Reliance Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"I cannot think of any cons--although I have only used it for a week so far. Easy to figure out. Not time consuming."
Matthew Poirier, at Law Office of Matthew J Poirier PLLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"This is the best software is you want a good payroll department for your small business"
Moshe Gold, at Bob`s Deals, Courtesy of Capterra

"The customer service far exceeds my expectations!!! The product is good and gets better everyday!!! I love it!"
Mya BYRD, at Trinity Tax Services, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"We looked into Intuit and Sage but couldn't find a software for just payroll to do in house for an affordable price. I found Patriot Payroll and was pleased to find the two options for payroll and it is going to save us a lot of money this year. It was easy to set up and we were able to run our first payroll within a couple days of finding this solution. The customer service was very helpful and patient with me through the set up process."
Amie Merrill, at Henderson County Clinic of Chiropractic PLLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"I used ADP and Paychex previously and they always raise the rates and always get the taxes wrong and do not communicate when you are getting a tax correction taken from your account. Patriot Software is finally the answer to our small business. First the Price is 1/3 of the price of the big boys. The customer service actually cares. And running payroll is so easy! The whole dashboard feels so clean and simple. I wish I would have found this years ago. Setting up to run your first payroll takes a lot of information and a little time so be prepared with all your information. The step wise process is easy to follow and customer service helps at every step if needed."
Dan Weiand, at Mt2 Enterprises, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot software is easy to use when it comes to payroll processing. This was our first time having employees that requires payroll processing. The system is easy to use. The customer service is good as well."
Thanh Padgett, at Padgett Advance Tech. Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"I have a small insurance agency and love this product. This product easily allows me to add and delete employees. It also allows me to do payroll very quickly. I was with paychex and just got sick of them messing up my payroll. The software works very well for my small business and the price is Awesome!"
Leonid Zaytsev, at Farmers Insurance Agency, Courtesy of Capterra

"The software was extremely easy to understand, set up and use, even for someone completely new to Payroll Processing. It asks simple questions, and guides you step by step through everything. The Dashboard is well-organized, with little question mark icons that anticipate questions and explain what things are. They offer Chat Support, which I have used a few times. They were responsive (I didn't have to wait more than a few minutes), and were able to answer my questions so I could get back to work quickly."
Matthew Vire, at Choose to Love LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"For our small business, Patriot Payroll is the perfect solution. The cost is $100 less a month than we were paying previously, and we can now offer direct deposit. The interface is easy to use and the customer service reps are helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!"
Melissa Schneider, at Cong. B'nai Jacob, Courtesy of Capterra

"This product has been very easy to integrate into our company the tech team has answered all of our questions and it is cost effective as well."
Steve Dey, at EBA Flooring, Courtesy of Capterra

"excellent product- friendly and helpful staff- help me fixed an issue the first time"
Jaime Santiago, at Healing Internal Ministries LLC., Courtesy of Capterra

"I signed up for the free trial of the service and recieved and call the next day welcoming me to the service. Wow"
Charles Frank, at CF Roofing, Courtesy of Capterra

"Great product and excellent customer service! This company definitely values customer service because when we decided to try their product, their customer service team was available to answer every question that we had. They called us to help set up our account. They have also been available with every question we have had. The product is easy to use and we have not had any issues thus far."
Jonathan Jones, at TDM Fitness, Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"Easy to use and affordable. I have had no problems using this software. The customer support has always been friendly and helpful."
David Lindamood, at Kettering Education Association, Courtesy of Capterra

"Wonderful payroll for a Small business! I have a small business, I am the "owner, manager, chief cook, and bottle washer" as the saying goes. I put off hiring just so I wouldn't have to wade through the setting up payroll part. Patriot Payroll made it REALLY easy. The checklist was JUST what I needed! I worked through the forms in a matter of hours, and got my new employee all set up! I even opted for the time card which integrated perfectly into my payroll. Easy as pie, I'm glad I found them!"
Alexis Strickland, at Whipped Up Wonderful, Courtesy of Capterra

"Amazing software for payroll. The setup is a little long, but that is any vendor not just this software. This is truly an all in one. I researched so many different softwares and had demos with about 7 different companies. I love that this is month to month and very transparent with the pricing. I recommend this. They take a little long to respond when chatting. But the response time was good."
Mark Adelman, at Brightech Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"Great Value for a Small Business. The software allows a small business like ours to operate with such efficiency. The accounting program allows us to keep track of our balance sheets and keep everything itemized which reduces the burden during tax time. Only con I've experienced so far is not being able to edit transactions in accounting when you make a mistake. You have to put another entry in to correct the previous error. The direct deposit option allows us to offer direct deposit to our employees and reduce our overhead costs."
Bryon Johnson, at Stryon Businesses L.L.C., Courtesy of Capterra

"Better than the football team that has a similar name! Patriot software has given me literally everything I could possibly have wanted and more, in the following order: 1) Great price 2) functionality 3) simple user interface 4) filings on my behalf. If there was one thing I wish was different, was just for the UI to be either easy to customize or a bit more "fun", other than that, it simply just works! Gets the job done, and offers the absolute best bang for one's buck! Don't knock it unless you try it! Once you go patriot, you never go back!"
Amaury Tapia, at Ecological Pest Control, Courtesy of Capterra

"Make the switch - save money - extremely easy to use! I am so glad I heard about this software on the radio. I was very skeptical at first but after running one payroll during the trial period I was hooked. This software is saving our small business over $2,000 a year. WELL worth it!"
Paulina Johnson, at MegaCopies Woodstock, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"Best of all payroll software - Simple, Good price, Great customer support. I am using this software for my company payroll for last 1 year. Simple to setup, Easy to run payroll, Great customer support and lots of good reports."
Sachchida Ojha, at MJB e-Services LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Superb Software. The software is simple to use and there are videos to help you along the way. The best part is the knowledge of the customer service reps and their friendliness and willingness to help."
Mike Perales, at Perales Tennis, Courtesy of Capterra

"I love Patriot software, I have used Sage, tried quick lol, and even by hand. Patriot has saved me time and energy."
Stefani McCullough, at Metro Coffee, Courtesy of Capterra

"Very easy to setup. Pros-Pricing is much better than Quickbooks Online Payroll Customer service monitors and emails during setup of the account to see if I was in need of any help. Cons: Haven't found any."
Deanna Hernandez, at Skid Marks Storage Pros, Courtesy of Capterra

"Great customer support! Evan provided superb customer support. He listened to my questions and answered them succinctly instead of just going to the next step in the script. Thoughtful, patient, proactive and professional."
James Lowder, at Naly's Kitchen LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

Madison Southards, at Team Taylor Inc. DBA Unique Concept, Courtesy of Capterra

"Cant go wrong! Everything has been great. The product is easy to use and they helped me set everything up, very easy. Pros: Easy setup and no learning curves. W-2's were a breeze. Cons: None at this time. Recommendations to other buyers: None"
William Traxler, at PURTELLS LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"I've used the payroll software for three years, and have had no problems. My questions have always been answered in a timely manner. Pros: I like this product because it is straight forward and easy to use. Being a nonprofit organization, it is very much affordable as well. Cons: I really don't have any complaints or problems with this software. It has met our needs and we see no reason to change. Recommendations to other buyers: Utilizing the free demo is very helpful. The web site is easy to navigate and provides useful information."
Carla Schillero, at C.O.O.L. (Community Outreach Of Love), Courtesy of Capterra

"Still implementing the software but I will be happy to write more once up and running with it after 30 days! Pros: Good features and functionality necessary for our organization. Great support and communication so far! Cons: Still implementing the software but none so far. Recommendations to other buyers: Not at this time, still implementing the software."
Mary Keane, at 220 Cornerstone, Courtesy of Capterra

"Super easy & FREE trial. I have been using it for over 2 years and the system has changed a few times but only for the better. Super easy to use. Pros: I love the chat feature, if I have a question I can just ask through there without having to call. Cons: There is nothing to dislike."
Daisy Hernandez, at Royal Maintenance Services, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"Great Software! I was looking for a software that would make payroll a breeze. Patriot seems to be just what I've been looking for. Pros: Easy to use and great customer support! Cons: I like everything that I've experienced so far."
Rhonda Allen, at Klassy Klipp, Courtesy of Capterra

"Great option for my small business! I have found this software program to be fast and efficient. It has been a great addition for my business. Pros: I like the user friendly format and efficiency. Cons: My only complaint is that payroll takes 3-4 days to process without an upgrade. Recommendations to other buyers: I would recommend upgrading if you need to process payroll more quickly."
Caroline Crocker, at Dynamic Counseling, Courtesy of Capterra

"Easy to use. I had absolutely no payroll experience when i began using this program. It was easy to learn and what i couldn't figure out customer service was great at helping me. Pros: Easy to use. Straight forward,simple Cons: I love everything about it."
Barbara Miller, at BKM Drywall, Courtesy of Capterra

"Excellent program and great price. This was my first payroll program and I had no problem getting it up and running. The customer service was helpful and available right away by chat. Pros: Easy of access and affordability. Cons: It does take a little time to get everything squared away to be fully activated. Recommendations to other buyers: Just leave time for set up and activation."
Haley Macovitz, at Quality Plumbing & Water Solutions, Courtesy of Capterra

"Love it! A must have! Super easy program. I can run a payroll from start to finish in about 10 minutes. Much more simpler than the competitor programs I have used in the past. Pros: I love everything about it! Cons: Haven't found a thing I don't like yet. Recommendations to other buyers: Definitely a must have when running a business!!"
Nikole Davis, at Southside Community Development Corp., Courtesy of Capterra

"Used it for a month, liking it so far. Took me awhile to navigate everything, mostly because we've never employed anyone before. I needed help to get started and great customer service to get me through the process since I was unfamiliar with all that was needed. They took me from New Hire to setting up the payroll. You can print checks or write them out yourself. It's been pretty smooth. Competitively priced. Pros: It was pretty easy once I got all the forms from the employees and numbers I needed from the state and bank. PS is right there to help you. They don't send a bazillion e-mails but a check up once in awhile. I have only been using it for about a month but so far so good. I did have the advantage of a friend's experiences with other payroll software...she's been through 3 or 4 so far. So I didn't give those a try at all. They will run my 1099's and W-2's at the end of the year for me. We do need to request some services as they don't necessarily do them automatically. I've had great customer service and they patiently walk me through everything when I need it. Cons: Sometimes it's hard to know where the online info is that I need. The "check stub" gives the employee fees as well as the the employer contributions so I cut it in half. But that may be due to the fact that I write the checks instead of printing off a business payroll check. I would like them to have an option just for commission. You have to put in some hourly thing (I put $1) and then you can put in commission later in the program. So it works, it's kind of like they worked for you for an hour and you paid them $500. Expensive looking hour. Everything is online ( I am a paper in hand person...) so some times I am not sure where to find what I am looking for. However, a walk-through is just a phone call away (a Pro). Recommendations to other buyers: I chose the "full service" so I don't have to worry about filing with the Federal government and state. That makes it easy. Also, it was a little less expensive. The program was put together by a guy trying to help others (not just for the money). I liked that he wanted to help others."
Carol Madsen, at J-Pro Inspects, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Fantastic Payroll Service! These guys are simply the best. They immediately call you to help you setup all the tax and banks stuff. They make everything sleek and user friendly. We are a very small business and these guys are a dream come true. They take all the non-fun stuff and do it for you! Pros: Easy to use software, super great, very friendly staff. Cons: No cons found! Recommendations to other buyers: Give them a try!"
Meng Lin, at Pawsitive Mobile Pet Spa, Courtesy of Capterra

"Best payroll software. This software is the best considering I've tried out many. I love that you can run payroll whenever you want and aren't limited to a set day. Pros: Running payroll whenever you want. Easy to use. Great customer support. Cons: There are a few things I would change about this software but it's not anything that would keep me from using it. Recommendations to other buyers: Definitely should give this software a try."
Angela Yi, at CBMI Construction, Courtesy of Capterra

"It's always a bit of a hassle to set-up a new vendor and transfer information into a new system. Patriot made this very easy and provided great customer service every step of the way. Pros: Customer service is top notch! So nice to talk to a real person located in the United States Cons: Relatively new software so they are still adding features and functionality Recommendations to other buyers: Give it a try."
Lori Reinbolt, at Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce, Courtesy of Capterra

"Easy Peasy. The people are very friendly and helpful. Pros: great customer service, price is 80% less than what we paid our previous service ADP. we can get through to real people and not be on hold. Cons: the direct deposit functionality is very restrictive. They require that the payroll be processed by Monday to be in the employee's account on Friday. They use a third party to do the direct deposits (with ADP you can do it right up the the day before payday). I think they need to address this to accommodate a more and more paperless environment. Also, if you make a mistake on a payroll deduction you cannot go back and edit the deduction after you have entered hours. You have to delete the entire payroll edit the deduction and then re-enter the payroll. Very clunky. The alternative would be to approve the payroll void the incorrect check and then re run another payroll. :( To get around this you can do an ACH from your company account manually - banks usually charge for this feature or set your employees up in bill pay but this also allows any one who might see a bank statement to also see payroll numbers so you must be careful with the descriptions you give these transactions. The data export to Quickbooks is bogus if you are looking to enter actual accounting numbers in to quickbooks. Recommendations to other buyers: if possible do implementation at year end. If not year end quarter end."
Prentiss Ingraham, at Sun Citie Enterprises, Courtesy of Capterra

"Great Time Saver!! I use this software for several companies; each one with a unique situation. The software is very adaptable to all sizes of employers. You can use all or part of the functions, depending on your particular needs. Pros: Saves time and money! The time savings and elimination of stress about deadlines is so worth the cost of the software. Easy to learn; No setup snags and no learning curve. Cons: Would like to be able to handle several companies under one platform even if it would mean paying separate fees. I have to have an "account" and login for each company. Recommendations to other buyers: Consider the time you will save when you use this software. One late filing fee or penalty could outweigh the cost of the software."
Kathy Justice, at NCCP, Courtesy of Capterra

"I have found this very easy, fast, user friendly and could not believe how easy it was to get started with this processes. Pros: I have found this very easy, fast, user friendly and could not believe how easy it was to get started with this processes. I really think that it best feature is the fact that it is so user friendly. Cons: I did not find anything that I was dissatisfied with, I am very happy overall I have not been with them long but I am happy. Recommendations to other buyers: Try you have nothing to loose its a free trial and if you don't like it, cancel. If you do like it, then stay like i did."
Kelly Larson, at Hairway 2 Heaven, Courtesy of Capterra

"Solid Affordable Option. As an accountant who prepares payroll for a couple dozen clients I've used at least half a dozen payroll products over the years. I recently moved my entire client base to Patriot. I've found it to be a solid, affordable solution. I'm looking forward to a long, mutually prosperous relationship. Pros: I like the fact that it leaves me in control of my client's payroll. Support has been excellent and has been extremely receptive to a couple suggestions/requests I've made. While it doesn't directly impact the software itself, I sincerely appreciate the founder/owner's personal values. Cons: I'd prefer to see data entry forms be a bit smaller/more concise to ease data entry and a couple data entry locations are not where I would have expected them--just took a little getting used to. Because most of my clients are in Ohio, municipal income tax withholding is a big issue. Being able to specify different mailing and work addresses would be really helpful. The majority of my clients are churches and ministries who have clergy employees. In the current iteration, housing allowance has to be manually entered each payday; however, following a conversation with my support guru, I'm happy to say Patriot is working on a permanent solution. Recommendations to other buyers: Other solutions might be a bit slicker but few can match Patriot's combination of capability and cost. Check it out."
Jerry Stephens, at Ministry Consulting Group LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"I was looking for a software that can handle timecards, payroll, and bookkeeping features for a small ( 10-15 employees ) company. Did try it out for a week, was very impressed with ease of use and simplicity of the product. I have been using this product since 2013... Pros: ease of use... Cons: none..... Recommendations to other buyers: no."
Kent Patel, at Shreeman Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"Easy to use. Very user friendly interface. Payroll is very easy to do. Setting up the payroll account is also a breeze. The software also gives very detailed instructions on how to setup automatic deduction of taxes and all the paperwork that needs to be filed with the state franchise department. Pros: Spend some time getting to know the software. Although, it is easy to use, it helps to get to know the lay of land a little bit to find out if this software really meets your needs. Cons: Not much to dislike as yet as I whatever parts of the software I have used (payroll mainly), they work just fine. However, I am having a bit of problem getting the direct deposit going with Natpay as they are very slow in responding. Spend some time getting to know the software. Although, it is easy to use, it helps to get to know the lay of land a little bit to find out if this software really meets your needs. Recommendations to other buyers: Spend some time getting to know the software. Although, it is easy to use, it helps to get to know the lay of land a little bit to find out if this software really meets your needs."
Andrea Soleberry, at Strongwilled Consultants, Courtesy of Capterra

"Easy to use! Really like the software. Easy to use, not a long wait time when calling for help. My state received my information fast and accurate . Pros: Don't have to be a computer wizard to use the software, Cons: None at this present time. Recommendations to other buyers: N/A"
Renee Jackson, at KJ's Po-Boy Express, Courtesy of Capterra

"Amazing service! The web based interface is extremely easy to use. I called twice over the last year with questions and the customer service was outstanding. Also, it is by far the lowest cost product for payroll! Pros: The price and ease of use. Cons: I didn't find any cons for my needs."
Brian Cunningham, at Snack N' Play, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot Software for small business needs. Patriot has amazing customer service. They make it easy to set up and include many features other companies only offer through third parties with additional fees. Pros: The software is very inclusive and offers all of the services we wanted and needed for simplifying our organization. Cons: The setup is time consuming as it is with any software of this nature."
Aaron Zacks, at Vibrance Family Chiropractic, Courtesy of Capterra

"I use it to pay myself payroll from my S corporation. I have the full service plan, which really simplifies my payroll. Pros: Easy to use and excellent customer service. Very reasonably priced. Cons: None so far. Recommendations to other buyers: Get the full service payroll plan to automate your tax deposits and filing."
Todd Swartzendruber, at Todd M. Swartzendruber, APLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Very easy to use. I'm a new company owner. After I hired my employee, I needed to set up payroll. I found Patriot online. I saw a lot of good things about it so decided to use it as well. It's very easy to set up. If you have any questions, you can easily reach out to their customer service for help. Pros: very easy to set up. If you have any questions, you can easily reach out to their customer service for help. Cons: N/A Recommendations to other buyers: N/A"
Jerry Jia, at TrainGo, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"I am a new business owner and I am just now tapping into the software. So I love it so far so good. I will continue to use the product. Pros: I love the ease of use in the software. It is easy to navigate through. Cons: I guess I would say that I would like customer service to stay open a little later than 4:00 CST. Recommendations to other buyers: Not just yet. But I love it."
Kenisha Terry Williams, at Beni HR Consulting Group, Courtesy of Capterra

"Try Patriot First. You'll Be Quite Surprised at the ease of use. This is the way to go when you don't have the resources to hire overhead to keep your small business in order. Pros: So much more easier to use than QB or the other accounting software packages out there. I was over QB crashing on my system before enough was enough. Cons: I honestly don't have anything negative to say about this software. I would recommend it over QB or some of the other expert programs out in the market place. Recommendations to other buyers: This is the way to go when you don't have the resources to hire overhead to keep your small business in order."
Debora Barber, at Blew Solutions, Courtesy of Capterra

"Excellent! Never been easier , great value. Patriot Software has exceeded my expectations. I had looked at a few different services and decided on Patriot. It was a great decision. Pros: Chat has been a great asset in getting my company setup. Cons: Not being able to edit my Unemployment tax percentage. I entered in one percentage and then found mine was lower. I cannot edit this according to a patriot customer service rep. :( Recommendations to other buyers: Try it, you will be very pleased Im sure!"
Allen Conway, at Amac Services, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Excellent program. I have been looking for a software to fit our need for at least 5 years. I was so glad that I found patriot. Pros: I like the fact that we could start it any time of the year. There was no waiting for a new year or new quarter. Cons: The start up data entry was exhausting. It took longer than I expected. Recommendations to other buyers: Pay close attention to the data that you put in."
Opel Sniegowski, at Back to Health Clinic, Courtesy of Capterra

"We use the software to process payroll for one employee at this time, we've been using the software for 10 months now. Pros: Basic functions are user friendly, accessing prior employee information is easy, uploading necessary documents for Patriot is simple, software is secure, customer service is good. Cons: The monthly fee for our small office seems high, more in depth processes of deductions required a call to customer service to figure out, customer service doesn't call you back even if they say they will."
Kristina Gollier, at Freight Ship Logistics, Courtesy of Capterra

"I found some tasks to be difficult while using this software. I had to spend much time learning features that I needed for my business needs. However with practice I was able to use the software for my business needs. Pros: They have a great customer support. All agents and chat professionals are friendly and knowledgeable about the product and are very helpful when you get stuck. Cons: At times, there are too many clicks to find answers to your questions. Recommendations to other buyers: N/A"
Charlotte Wynn, at Wynn Foster Ent., Courtesy of Capterra

"Great value for the money. We use it for payroll only and it saves us about $1,000.00 per month from our previous provider. It was also easy to make the switch. Pros: price and support. Cons: I don't particularly care for the part that you can not see the account numbers of the employee's bank account after they are entered. Recommendations to other buyers: since it is free for at least the first 30 day, I cannot see anyone not trying it."
Kathleen Moran, at Palantir USA, Courtesy of Capterra

"Easy To Use/Great Staff. The solutions Patriot Software offers is very intuitive and easy to use. Whenever I've had a question, I was always able to get a live person in the U.S. that was courteous and helpful. Pros: The solutions Patriot Software offers is very intuitive and easy to use. Whenever I've had a question, I was always able to get a live person in the U.S. that was courteous and helpful. Cons: I have no complaints to date. Recommendations to other buyers: Although price is important, it is just as important to have software that is user friendly and has customer service that can actually communicate with you."
Louis Lerant, at The Harrisburger LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Simple and intuitive. Very functional. Pros: simple and easy to use, website is laid out well. Payroll feature is top notch. Cons: Pull down tabs aren't very functional. Recommendations to other buyers: none."
Daniel McGuinness, at Collin College, Courtesy of Capterra

"Easy to use system. So far I am enjoying my HR experience with patriot software. I love the three step easy payroll system and the chat box with customer support. Pros: the easy to use run payroll system. Cons: nothing so far. Recommendations to other buyers: no not at this time."
Ashely Newson, at Pearlys, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot software is VERY simple to use & I believe is very fairly priced. However, their direct deposit service by NatPay is an ABSOLUTE nightmare to sign up for! I cannot believe the steps that are needed to sign up for direct deposit payroll! It was easier for me to get married & also get my pistol permit in NYS than sign up for direct deposit with this 3rd party company! Pros: Very well laid out, easy to read text & graphics. All web-based. Cons: Their direct deposit partner NatPay is a nightmare to sign up for. The layers upon layers of verification is unbelievable. You can get a mortgage in most cases easier."
Yuri YCourtesy of Capterra

"Best Software. They were very friendly and available to help the customer service is excellent its almost like having your own private accountant Pros: you could use any time 24 x 7 you are not restricted to your accountant hours and much cheaper also Cons: the customer care hours are short especially i like to do payroll in the end of the day so if i have any questions i have to wait Recommendations to other buyers: please have longer hours and we should be able to pay the same day"
Josef Neuschloss, at The Lingerie Shop, Courtesy of Capterra

"I am an new small business owner. I researched several payroll software companies. I selected Patriot based on the overall cost and questions they answered during my trial period. Pros: I like the easy setup, easy to use, and friendly customer service. Cons: I would like the vendor to offer later customer service hours or some weekend availability."
Charlene Currie, at Hakuna Matata Cleaning LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Our setup for this was quick and easy, being able to get things rolling in less than a week with the help of the wonderful customer service. We are loving this program so far! Pros: Great customer service and easy layout Cons: The beginning difficulty that was overcome concerning what you have to do to print the paychecks."
SHANE STEINMAN, at BER Management, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Good Program, Great Company. The companies response to my needs was rapid. The price was right. They give a generous trial period. Pros: They give a generous trial period, good price. Cons: No cons Recommendations to other buyers: With the company willingly providing assistance, work with them"
Robert Loos, at Ellis Realty Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"We starting using this software as it was cheaper than what we were using and it offered a great free trial Pros: It is so easy to use, it can generate reports, it has an employee portal, and the tax reports are easy to use Cons: I wish it had been easier to bulk enter payroll information that was generated before we began using Patriot, but that's pretty minor. Recommendations to other buyers: Go for the free trial, test it out, you'll love it!"
Renee Murringer, at Michigan Legal Group, Courtesy of Capterra

"Excellent Product and great price. I like the product. It's priced right, the staff is very helpful, and the web site is fairly easy to use."
Jeana Chisholm, at Alpine e-Vapor, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot Payroll makes my payroll requirements simple! I shopped around and decided to give Patriot a try after reading other reviews and calling to talk to a representative. I'm glad I did. Pros: Running payroll is very easy to do and you immediately get to see all the employee and employer tax info. The employees also have there own login portal to see all of their pay stubs, very nice. Cons: Not one thing so far. Recommendations to other buyers: When you compare the cost of the service and the ease of use, I don't think you can find a better payroll service."
William Dutton, at Dutton Woodworks Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"Great payroll software at a reasonable price. I use full service payroll plus direct deposit. Customer service helped with initial setup. Monthly payroll can be done any day of the month for the next month in minutes. So easy to use at a reasonable price. I love the set it and forget it ease of it. Pros: Great customer service. Cons: Nothing Recommendations to other buyers: Try the 30 day free trial. You will love it."
Tina French, at TinaCoLLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot Software reached out to me as a professional bookkeeper and I am glad I responded to them - the service has been great and flexible so far. They scheduled a time for me to review a demo and explained the benefits of the partner program for my clients (and me). A real win-win-win! Pros: I do all of my work in the cloud and am impressed with the functionality and value of Patriot Software's offerings. It allows me to continue working in the cloud without paying the insane payroll costs of Xero/Intuit (per company). I simply bundle the cost of Patriot in my services pricing and get to work for my clients. The payroll service also has an employee portal that is not included in most other cloud-based payroll software (for the same price). Cons: Always consider the needs of your company or your clients' company before deciding on software. This software does not have automatic integration with the QBO/Xero, so it adds a step that could leave room for errors, but the lower cost for great service is so far well worth it the one extra step. Recommendations to other buyers: Keep in mind the prices are on a per-payroll basis. If you are running a daily/weekly payroll, this service might not be best for you (a monthly price might be better), but for infrequent payroll, this is the way to go!"
Jake Douglas, at Accounting in Motion, Courtesy of Capterra

"I am a new business and I have no accounting background so I needed software that helped with taxes and payroll. This has been a wonderful product and has caught things I never would have. Pros: Ease of use and comprehensive coverage of all areas needed for payroll and tax accounting. Cons: I wish the customer service was open on weekends. Recommendations to other buyers: N/A"
Kimberly Hima, at Wedgwood Academy North, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot Payroll is awesome. This new business owner has been very pleased with Patriot Payroll. Two months in, and the ease of use is such a breath of fresh air. I was scared to death of payroll, but this makes it SO EASY. No way to mess it up! Pros: Ease of use. Cons: Haven't found anything so far. Recommendations to other buyers: Look no further."
Kimberly Hima, at Wedgwood Academy North, Courtesy of Capterra

"I loved the step by step process that they give upon entry. Things I didn't know I needed they provided and made it simple to work. Pros: I loved the step by step process that walked me through everything. Cons: They do not allow me to look at quick estimates before submitting payroll. I am new and I don't want overtime without being aware of my costs."
Kacey High, at High End Marketing Agency, Courtesy of Capterra

"Consider closely what forms are needed for you industry because they do not support anything besides basic. They were honest with it after the fact and recommended/refunded us back to basic instead of full service so that was awesome. Most companies would have tried to keep getting more money from us but they suggested we pay them less. That does come with having to do all of our own tax filings though which was a major perk to selecting this software in the first place. Pros: I cannot say enough wonderful things about the service and support. It is above and beyond. Cons: The product itself falls short though. We are unable to use the full service because they do not support the tax forms we need. You cannot set up your recurring pay period dates and must manually enter them each and every time. It does not track vacation, holiday and other forms of PTO. Recommendations to other buyers: If support is important to you, you cannot go wrong here. Truly every single person has been polite, knowledgable, has done more than just answer questions. Truly a delight to work with so it is unfortunate the software is not as great as their people."
Stephanie Hengle, at Bouldin Food Forest, Courtesy of Capterra

"Highly recommended!!! Reduce time and effort with peace of mind in providing accurate pay checks to employees. Easy of use and very intuitive."
Wonmyoung Lee, at Little Tokyo Pet Clinic, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot is the best. I have no words to express how they have made my life so easy. My customers are also having a lot of money. Pros: User friendly and price friendly. Cons: No complaints. Recommendations to other buyers: Its highly recommended for payroll solutions."
Abbas Zaidi, at A-Z Acctax Services, Courtesy of Capterra

"I was new to managing payroll but we had a customer service rep guide us through the step by step process. They never lost patience no matter how many questions we had. Once I was more informed on how to use the software, it was easy. Pros: It is very affordable! Now that I am accustomed to using the software, I am in favor of being more involved and having more control over our payroll process. Cons: Not a serious con but I noticed that the layout in Google Chrome is a little different from the other browsers (i.e. Firefox and Internet Explorer) Some of the dialogue boxes seem smaller and some options unclickable. I have not had this issue recently but when we were first setting it up we had to use a different browser because Chrome didn't have the same usability. Recommendations to other buyers: Be open to having more control over your payroll, you wont regret it!"
Nichelle Lee, at DNM Enterprises, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Cost. Cons: Interface, lack of features for employees. Overall: Functions well enough for the price. Not nearly as many features as some other options, but a good value."
Darton Devin, at Fangorn Forestry, Courtesy of Capterra

"For the novice this software is straightforward and easy to use. I would highly recommend it to anyone that needs a payroll soulution."
Robert Isom, at Blackwater Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy and efficient. Cons: Really don't have any. Overall: Absolutely the best and easiest software I've ever used! Even my Accountant reassured me it was a great system! Recommendations to other buyers: No."
Jennifer Davis, at Primitive Parlor Salon & Barber, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: This software does what you need it to do. I appreciate the simplicity and the value. I have the version that submits all my federal paperwork - more peace of mind. Cons: It is slightly less user friendly than the previous software I was using, Gusto and it doesn't offer automatic payroll which I do miss. However, for a single employee corporation, I appreciate this low cost and effective way to run my payroll. Overall: This software does what you need it to do. I appreciate the simplicity and the value. I have the version that submits all my federal paperwork - more peace of mind."
Jaylin Allen, at Bootique Fitness, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Convenient and easy to use, helpful customer service agents ready to assist. Cons: Can only print check stubs, have to purchase checks with info. Overall: I had used other payroll services before coming to Patriot Software and i will never go back. The software is easy to use and convenient."
Raymond Kharineh, at Armored Protective Services, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy to add or remove employees. Nice to print my own payroll on my own time. Helpful customer support. Cons: Some of the information on the site is difficult to find. Overall: I own a small construction business and being able to add and remove employees quickly and easily while also being able to print my own payrolls on my own time is a great addition to my company. The customer support was also very helpful, polite, and easily reachable through email or by phone."
William Sobol, at Big Easy Construction, Courtesy of Capterra

"We reviewed several software payroll options on the internet, and found Patriot Payroll to be a good fit for our small business. It is affordable, and easy to use, once the system is set up. I can process payroll weekly in less than 5 minutes."
Joe Huya, at Whoya Products, Courtesy of Capterra

"We are a small business with only two employees so finding an affordable payroll solution was our biggest consideration. A lot of other payroll companies had bells and whistles that we didn't need. Patriot's customer support helped us get set-up quickly since we'd never used a payroll software before and being able to try it for 30 days for free made starting with them not feel overwhelming. The peace of mind knowing that our taxes are being paid on time and the convenience of direct deposit have made payroll feel easy."
Janelle Proulx, at Departure Point Films, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Ease of use Cons: Nothing Overall: Couldn't have been easier to get up and running given the great customer service. It is very easy to use, and a tremendous value. Recommendations to other buyers: Get it"
Daniel Greenberg, at Law Office of Daniel B. Greenberg, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Patriot's client services are affordable. The portal is user friendly. They have outstanding customer support. Cons: Client can currently view the pricing package offered. This is not ideal since I do not want my client to see how much I'm paying for the reseller package. Patriot is working on removing this. Overall: Patriot's client services are affordable. The portal is user friendly. They have outstanding customer support. Client can currently view the pricing package offered. This is not ideal since I do not want my client to see how much I'm paying for the reseller package. Patriot is working on removing this. I'm very happy that I chose to partner with Patriot to provide payroll services to my client. They have been outstanding in answering all my questions and providing prompt responses and assistance in setting up clients."
Thuy Tran-Saboe, at LinhCon Group LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I like that Patriot Software is very user friendly! The site isn't cluttered. The payroll reports are easily downloaded. I did a lot of price comparing before choosing Patriot! They are very reasonable and without the headaches of [a competitor]! Cons: If I had to think of a con, it would be that if I'm in the middle of entering a payroll and I realize I need to make a change to an employee's information, I need to cancel the whole payroll or wait till next time. I understand the reasoning, so this complaint is more directed at the user! Overall: I like that Patriot Software is very user friendly! The site isn't cluttered. The payroll reports are easily downloaded. I did a lot of price comparing before choosing Patriot! They are very reasonable and without the headaches of [a competitor]! Recommendations to other buyers: I'm so glad I made the choice of Patriot for our payroll! It has made my job a lot easier!"
Stephanie Badger, at Farmhouse Catering, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Ease of use Cons: Couldn't help with 2016 Overall: They made it so easy for me to set up. I was so overwhelmed about payroll. After I found Patriot was the best bargain, I started setting it up immediately! They even called me while I was setting it up to make sure I didn't have any questions!! Recommendations to other buyers: Just buy it!"
Sarah Hedden, at Sarah Hedden Photography, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Inexpensive Cons: None that I have found Overall: I really love that I can sit down at home and run my payroll in minutes. I am a small business owner with two employees, the cost of payroll was a killer. This is so much more affordable and all my needs are met."
Stephanie Mottard, at Stephanie's Family Child Care, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Functionality is very easy to use and customer service is very helpful every time you call. Overall: Small business owner and first time doing payroll. This program was very easy to use and the customer service calls were great! Every call I made I got the answers I needed and with very good attitudes! Recommendations to other buyers: Definitely great software and great price!"
Davina Hoffenberg, at Colonial Tax Service, Courtesy of Capterra

"I utilize Quickbooks for most of my accounting and payroll software but I tried out Patriot because of it's low cost options and I definitely like the way it is easy to use."
Welen Wang, at Summit Peak Logistics, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Patriot Payroll is one of the least expensive solutions out there, yet they manage to provide a solid service. Customer service is excellent and helped with some of our atypical setup situations. Cons: Setup was a bit difficult but I'm guessing it would have been similar with other services. Also, some logistic details, such as timing issues, aren't made as clear as they could be at the outset. Overall: Great payroll for a low price."
Jeff Slater, First United Methodist Church, Hutchinson, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Excellent software and easy to use. Better than other expensive software. Just to the point and excellent customer service. Cons: I love everything about this software. Will like to see if you can work different businesses with the same login."
MARIA RIBERA, at Pio-Pio Kids Salon, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: the ease and functionality Cons: Being unable to print paystub Overall: I am impressed with the functionality. All the forms and information for my state was available by a click, with the option to type in the information online. They even offer free direct deposit option."
Bolaji Owoloja, at Jubilee Medical Family Practice, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot Software is great. The software does its job well and it’s reasonably priced. I especially like the home payroll section."
Linda T., Pain Mgmt Corp

"The software has worked out very well for us, so we will definitely remain as a customer with Patriot Software."
Pineapple Village Condo Association

"My company has over ten employees and we have been a Patriot Software customer for over two years. The service is outstanding. Ease of set up and use is a breeze. Customer support is always courteous and knows what they are doing. Patriot Software provides the same service as the big names at a fraction of a price. Try the Full Service Payroll. It’s highly recommended."
Ilya Karlin, More Boxes Corp.

"I had battled trying to understand quick books and intuit but read reviews from other business about Patriot. I signed up and was guided step by step on what I needed to do as a business. This is an amazing program and so easy to set up and work with. When I do forget how to do something or have a question I use the online chat and have been helped right away. I love this program and can’t say enough good things about the ease of the website and load it has taken off me as a business owner. I no longer have to worry about taxes deadlines or not filing correctly. Thanks for the amazing services!"
Tiana Stringer, High Plains Health Plans LLC

"I am very pleased with the Full Service Payroll. The software is very easy to fill in the blanks. I can have my payroll done within 5 to 10 minutes at the most."
Jeff Lissenden, Lissenden Chiropractic Center, PC

"Wonderful! I would give you guys 6 out of 5 stars if I could. Life is so much easier with your Full Service Payroll. Any questions that I have are answered immediately!"
Melissa Middleton, Cycles By Breeze, LLC.

"I already work between 60 to 70 hours a week. This software saves me a ton of time and money not having to file my payroll taxes every three to four months on my own. It eliminates a lot of stress and headaches and is well worth the price."
Greg Kallam, Greg’s Tool Sales, Inc.

"I love you guys! I tell everyone I know about your Full Service Payroll and I am always blown away by all that you do for the price."
Witten Pest Control

"Gotta say so far I am loving your service. Five star experience so far and you have been more than patient in answering all my questions!"
Lisa O’Hearn, Buttonwoods Museum

"We are enjoying using your company, you are very friendly and helpful. You are a breath of fresh air!"
Kristi Truesdale, East Carolina Brace & Limb Co., Inc

"You guys do a great job for me. I’m telling a lot of other general agents that they need to start using you guys. I really appreciate your service."
Edmund Knolmayer, Knolmayer Agency

"Patriot Software is simply marvelous! And they know how to do customer service…it’s the BEST!"
Brenda Yeh, Millennium Tilles LLC

"I have been with Patriot Software for over a year now, and I have found it to be the best payroll solution I have come across, even recommending it to my brother who also owns his own business and is looking for payroll services."
Dwight Borges, Borges Sleigh & Carriage Rides

"You guys are very patient. I like how you offer a print out at the end of the year to let me know what’s been done for me."
Joaquim Desousa, Mulebiz LLC

"I am very happy with the company. Everything is perfection! When I needed help Patriot got me all figured out right away. I used to do payroll myself for the last fifteen years and I love the simplicity of it now with the two transactions: one from NatPay for the wages and one from Patriot for the taxes. All that is missing is the semi-monthly pay frequency from your Time & Attendance Software and once that is implemented I will use that too!"
Jodi Sarntee, Jodi Sarntee Agency, Inc.

"I give Patriot 5 stars for their payroll services. This is my first payroll I’ve ever run and I was so nervous about starting the service. Patriot is very user friendly. It has training videos and all the menus seem to be in the right places. Once you sign up there are step by step instructions to help you go through the process. I was very happy to discover that a staff member called me the next day to see how things were going and answered any questions that I had. I can’t imagine another service being this well laid out and customer friendly. 5 stars for sure!"
Candie Walton, Pet Grooming Plus, Inc

"Yes, I would give your software 5 stars as it is very intuitive. Customer service has been outstanding – both timely and accurate in diagnosing my questions and providing a solution. In the time we have been using the software, we have been impressed with the enhancements … continuously improving our user experience. Finally – we continue to be pleasantly surprised at the reasonable price and the excellent value of this payroll and time collection system relative to competitors in the market."
George Garrett, Reach Island LLC

"I am very happy with the service. Great one-on-one customer service. It is easy to use and has cut my workload in half. My only complaint is I wish the customer service was open more hours, because I work on payroll late or on the weekends and need help. Besides that – great program. I would highly recommend it!"
Kris, Air Crafters LLC

"Patriot software is fantastic and makes my operation in daily business much, much easier. Wouldn’t do without it — 100 percent satisfaction rating in my book."
Brine Lloyd, Wholesale + 1

"So far our experience with Patriot Software and your customer service has been great – definitely a 5!"
Marilyn Crosby, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Sunnyvale, California

"I have found Patriot Software to be very affordable compared to your competitor’s payroll products. And I found Patriot to be very easy to use and navigate. It’s been great!"
John Hansen, JC Hansen Enterprises, Inc.

"In doing my research to find the right payroll product, I found Patriot to be the best as Patriot offers web-based services which affords me the flexibility to process payrolls from anywhere, whether from home, the office or while traveling. In addition, I have found customer support to be nothing less than phenomenal!"
Tony, Life Saver Safety

"We chose Patriot Software over 7 years ago and feel we can Trust Patriot completely with our payroll and tax liabilities with no worries! The software is easy to use, but if we do have a question and call customer support, they are always so helpful and never make us feel dumb about our questions. We are extremely pleased!"
Krista, Krista Anne’s

"I love your Payroll Software! I have just started to use the print function to print my checks. I switched from Quicken Payroll and I even want to move my Accounting over to Patriot as well!"
Bryan, Amelia Island Pizza, Inc.

"I give you 5 stars!!! I have dealt with other payroll companies that had hidden fees, weren’t helpful in the setup process and of which the customer service was absolutely horrible (including which they terribly messed up my taxes). I started up with Patriot Software in hopes it would give me the much needed support and quality I was needing yet with no hidden fees and affordable. My initial customer service experience with Patriot was me asking what their hidden fees were since I didn’t see any in any of the fine print. The customer service gentleman said the reason why you aren’t seeing it is because there aren’t any. I called back a couple days later to get assistance with their free setup offer and I felt horrible that I had Rita on the line with me for over an hour all the while she was very genuine and sincere with telling me to relax that’s what she was there for. She walked me step by step through my process including going through stuff I would have had no idea about and truly saved my upcoming 2015 tax time and trouble. I can honestly say that Patriot and I will get along perfectly and I fully trust them to take on my payroll account! Thank you for holding quality customer service and customer rapport in the highest regard!"
Britney, Britney Ullman

"Patriot is so much cheaper than some other payroll providers for the services they offer as far as collecting and remitting our payroll taxes. I also like how easy the deductions are to set up for each employee as we often set them up to pay bills on their behalf using this function and and it’s very simple to set up and apply them to each employee correctly."
Saralyn, Atomized

"I would rate my experience with Patriot a 5 for sure! I have talked with Michelle a couple times in initially setting up your software and she was enthusiastic and patient with my concerns from day 1. You were also great in answering my FUTA questions and solving the change in your program to get my rates straight. Tonight I downloaded my quarterly 941 from your website and it was easy and user friendly. Not sure if it saved some of my changes (that will always remain…like my name, not trade name), but it was no problem self populating figures, etc. I used to do my own payroll and taxes (for 20 years), but when I started my business in NY, through BNI I went with PrimePay. When my rep left that company I had nothing but problems from calling in employee hours to getting my checks and paperwork in a timely fashion. Wish I would have known or used you earlier. I would not only have saved approximately $700/yr on payroll processing for one employee, but would also had instant access to pertinent information readily available 24/7. I would highly recommend your services to small businesses with 1-3 employees. Your fees are very reasonable (now don’t raise your rates, lol). I found out about Patriot by googling best payroll software for small businesses."
Richard Loyst, Chestertown Chiropractic

"I have only one employee (myself) that I pay a regular salary that is pretty much always the same. I’d love the ability to be able to schedule payroll so that it runs regularly. Otherwise I have to go back every two weeks and re-run everything. Which I sometimes forget to do. Other than that I’ve found everything to be great, and in particular the chat support has been very responsive and helpful."
Kara Todd, Voxel Fox

"Patriot Software is meeting our business needs; it is very easy to use and we love the support through on-line chat, as we’ve had to use it quite a lot!"
Kathy, Daily Enterprises

"It’s very simple to use and great for our small business. I really like the customer service chat window on the application, it’s great to have a representative available to help at any time."
Michelle, Tri-Mount Publications

"The reason I liked your software for payroll was the ease of use and how accurately taxes are accounted for, even local. I also like the fact that you are web based so I can access payroll anywhere because I do travel and it is very easy to process payroll with only a few clicks."
Jessica, Pine Manor Auto Sales LLC

"We chose Patriot Software because while researching payroll tax capabilities, Patriot withholds for both the location of the business as well as the location of the employees, while some of your competitors don't offer this feature. As we have out-of-state employee's, this feature is very important to us. The Payroll Services are simple and easy to use, and the Customer Support has been great so far."
Scott, Inquiry Technologies, LLC

"Patriot has a great system! It is easy to use and all the steps are very intuitive. If I ever have a problem or question, technical support is quick to respond (and in a supportive and non judgmental way!) I used [other payroll companies] at another company... Patriot does everything we need at a much lower price."
Eric, Ammonoosuc Consulting LLC

"As I am a very busy business woman, I looked for Payroll Services that were easy to use, easy to access, and online, and Patriot Software provided me with all that I needed. I have to take into consideration these features, as I run 6 companies, and I trust Patriot with all 6!"
Emmy, Nail Expo & Spa, Inc.

"Patriot Software is meeting my business needs, and offers everything a person could want in a payroll software company. In fact, several other payroll companies have contacted me wanting to offer me their services. In asking them what they have to offer me, what's included in their services and at what cost, nothing comes close to the value I receive with Patriot; your competition just doesn't cut it! In addition, the Customer Service is the most consistently reliable, most courteous and helpful on the internet that I've ever done business with. Your Customer Service is Classy!"
Clyde, SilverCross Land & Timber Ltd

"Patriot Software offers exactly what you need. The Payroll Software is simple to use, is accurate, on time and I can trust it completely to handle my payroll taxes properly. The Tax Service takes the pressure off; I don't have to worry about anything! I'd rate your service with "6" Stars!"
Ray, Belmont Garage, Inc.

"Your payroll is very easy and simple to work with! It is also very nicely priced, especially for what I have to do as far as running a payroll only every now and then."
Ashley, Miss Pam's Family Child Care

"Patriot Software is very intuitive, the interface is easy to use, it's easy to navigate and very straightforward. I am very pleased with the overall services!"
Arthur, Bayside Family Eyecare

"I have used Patriot Software for my Payroll needs for the past 2 1/2 years and it is always accurate and easy to use. And whenever I have a question, the Customer Support Team is phenomenal. I would recommend Patriot to anyone! I'd rate it 10 stars!"
Kelly, Caring Matters Home Care

"Patriot is easy to use andIi depend on it to handle all our payroll functions. I send all documentation to my CPA at year end and every things is all set. Pros: Patriot is easy to use and I depend on it to handle all our payroll functions. I send all documentation to my CPA at year end and every things is all set. Cons: Works cons. Recommendations to other buyers: Patriot is easy to use and i depend on it to handle all our payroll functions. I send all documentation to my CPA at year end and every things is all set."
Kevin Kelly, at Kelly Graphix, Courtesy of Capterra

"It's unusual to find a a payroll program that is not only affordable but easy to use. Patriot Software is the perfect small business solution to the high cost of payroll processing. It allows a small nonprofit like mine to provide quality, compliant payroll services to my staff. Pros: The ease of use and functional payroll reports help me accurately pay my staff and remain compliant with federal and state payroll regulations. Cons: If you are looking for a program that writes your checks, this may not be for you. Recommendations to other buyers: Provides me with a level of trust and support that is unusual for the cost."
David Rapaport, at Elatus Financial Services, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"I was able to setup the company and add employees with out any support. User Interface is extremely easy to use. Bank verification was seamless and worked like a charm. Pros: Able to run payroll for employees in a very easy fashion. Able to view reports on Payroll. Cons: I did not find any cons yet. I will verify if all the IRS forms to federal are filed on time later. For now every thing is good. Recommendations to other buyers: Signup, it is a very good software and lot more cheaper and better than other Payroll software."
Saritha Veeramachineni, at Vulab Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"Easy set up for a new supplier like us, enjoyed the simple navigation and tutorials. We started using this for last few months and it has been a great experience so far, we highly recommend.Pros: Great navigation, great tutorials and amazing support. Cons: none so far. Recommendations to other buyers: Go for it, we have done a lot of research and found Patriot to be best for 1 - 50 employees."
Ritesh Brahmbhatt, at Ignited Spirits, Courtesy of Capterra

"I reviewed many payroll systems and decided on this product because of the ease, customer service and cost. I haven't regretted this decision at all.Pros: Easy to use and understand. It has saved me hours of work, stress of getting payroll done and takes care of all the payroll needs. Love the online chat. Cons: I wish the time off feature could be easier to understand. I have struggled a bit with this and it should have employer capability to delete entries. I have no other faults with this program except the time off, vacation feature. This should be improved. Recommendations to other buyers: Call and have your list of questions, mine have always been answered and the online chat feature is great!"
Rose Higgins, at Mental Health Billing Service, Courtesy of Capterra

"Excellent customer service and support. Every time I call I get a well trained service specialist that is able to handle my questions without placing me on hold for consultation with other associates. I recommend Patriot SoftwarePros: support Cons: nothing so far Recommendations to other buyers: go for it"
Dan Coy, at Smokin Bros BBQ, Courtesy of Capterra

"We use Patriot for our small business payroll! We find it to be 100% user friendly with excellent customer service! Every question was answered within seconds and every problem was solved within minutes."
Vivian Roderick, at Paint and Barrel, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot Payroll software is a great tool for me and my company. It is very user friendly and the overall value of the product and the cost are good."
Angela Hare, at In Due Season, Courtesy of Capterra

"Best Software I've come across yet for small business. I've used several products before and worked with accountants and payroll companies. None really fit because i'm not a big business, it didn't make sense to pay the kind of money they wanted which was the same for my small payroll, of maybe 10 employees at a time, as a company that had 50+ employees. I love patriot payroll because of the ease and cost.Pros: I've used several products before and worked with accountants and payroll companies. None really fit because i'm not a big business, it didn't make sense to pay the kind of money they wanted which was the same for my small payroll, of maybe 10 employees at a time, as a company that had 50+ employees. I love patriot payroll because of the ease and cost. Cons: That I didn't find it sooner! I honestly can't say anything negative about this product"
Elisabeth Jones, at Oklahoma's Transmission Man, Courtesy of Capterra

"I've only ran payroll twice so far, but everything has worked really well. The program is simple to use and the customer support is easily available to answer any questions. This program is going to simplify my work load for our business.Pros: How easy it is to use and navigate. Cons: I had a hard time setting up my account, which was not Patriot's fault. It was an issue with my EIN # I believe. I wish there was a more specific explanation as to why the authorization forms weren't going through, instead if just saying they were failing. It became a guessing game at that point."
Stephanie Paulson, at Melt Your Heart, Courtesy of Capterra

"Started patriot a few months ago but so far and it has worked real well. Right now we just use the payroll function but it has been very easy to set up direct deposit. And if there's any questions the customer support is great both chat and calling. Very affordable also compared with other competitors.Pros: Customer service Cons: Nothing so far."
Scott Wilson, at Music Go Round, Courtesy of Capterra

"Very easy to use, great for start ups. Payroll and tax assistance from professionals is key! The customer service is extremely helpful, fast and effective.Pros: Customer Service and Tax Service Cons: Nothing Recommendations to other buyers: This is very useful for new small businesses and is also affordable."
Rebecca Brodeur, at Stony Creek Archaeology, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"Have used this company for a number of years, great experience with them. No complaints here. Cuts down on our workload & headachesPros: Ease of use"
John Kauenhofen, at DH Farm Equipment, Courtesy of Capterra

"I started my first business needing payroll and wasn't 100% sure how to get everything going correctly. The staff at Patriot was extremely professional and helpful."
James Crews, at Teds Garage LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"I am thankful every week that I found Patriot. We have been using Patriot's payroll system for a year and they have been a perfect fit for our small business. Patriot's software is very user friendly. Although I don't utilize their customer service very often now, they were extremely helpful in assisting me with the initial setup. I love that payroll takes literally a couple of minutes and I don't have the hassle of calculating taxes and sending tax payments as everything is automatically taken care of. A huge time-saver at a great price!"
Sheila Boeger, at Sandhills Chimney Service, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"The product is great and easy to use. I am a small business and this product is affordable and user friendly."
Ricky Patel, at AMBE Properties, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Easy to use, cost effective payroll solution for small businesses. Being a trucking company it's a perfect solution."
Robert Isom, at Blackwater Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"Every time I have had a question, customer service has been able to assist me and they are very pleasant to work with. The value for what you get is one of the best in the industry!Pros: Value and customer service Cons: A little hard to navigate in the beginning Recommendations to other buyers: Why wait? Go for it, excellent customer service and great price for the service."
Dwayne Stone, at FieldStone Technologies, Courtesy of Capterra

"I'm still transitioning from QB to Patriot and I'm very pleased, it is easy to use and has great customer service.Pros: I'm still transitioning from QB to Patriot and I'm very pleased, it is easy to use and has great customer service. Cons: It doesn't allow to transfer information from QB"
Katerine Huertas, at Katty's Handcrafts, Courtesy of Capterra

"This is our first time running payroll on our own. Customer service set up was quick, easy, and informative. The way the entire program is set up makes it so easy to use. There is a checklist of to dos that was extremely helpful!"
Andreas Hallberg, at Viking Construction and Landscaping, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot has been exceptional in ease of use, setup and customer service support. Prior to using the Patriot system, I had never processed a payroll before. The software and customer service staff made this an easy process to learn."
Jane LaFountain, at Budget Appliance Service, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot Software is very easy to use and set up, they provide clear instruction to follow. Their customer support is friendly and respond to any inquiries fast.Pros: Ease of use and cost Cons: None Recommendations to other buyers: Love it!!!"
Prashant Gongidi, at Tarheel Realty Group, Courtesy of Capterra

"Lets you do payroll easily and pay contractors in a breeze. I could not be happier with the way this software works. Highly recommended.Pros: It ease of use. Cons: None that I have found so far."
Gregory Pratt, at Smart Phones Plus, Courtesy of Capterra

"Excellent service customer service, excellent pricing, and accessible for small business. It's my first time with them and It's better than ADP and Intuit together."
Estephanie De La Rosa, at Deland Medical Center, Courtesy of Capterra

"I'm not an accountant by any means but this software made my life easy. Fast and smooth with great customer support that walks you through the process. Highly recommend.Pros: Smooth and easy guided setup and customer support is awesome Recommendations to other buyers: This was a smart buy for a small business."
Stephanie Cooper, at Cooper Legal Firm, PC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Although I currently use separate bookkeeping software, and that software has a payroll feature, I prefer Patriot.Pros: Ease of use and very helpful support. Cons: None at the moment."
Jerald Gould, at Credit Solutions of NM, Courtesy of Capterra


"Great, great service and features - only suggestion is having different pay features on individual doing 2 different jobs with different pays - no biggie. Awesome service.Pros: Software , customer service. Cons: None."
Gino Lomeli, at Ginos Diner, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot software is very easy to setup and use. The customer service is great and friendly, whether using the online chat or talking to someone on the phone. This made my payroll so easy, and it is a lot less expensive than having my accountant do the payroll.Pros: Ease of use and ease of setup. Very inexpensive for a small business."
Jason Just, at Just Chiropractic Clinic, Courtesy of Capterra

"The payroll software is great for any CPA practice that is looking for an easy to use and cost effective product.Pros: Easy to use. Cons: 100% cloud base."
Michael Moore, at MSM Financial Services, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"This software is easy to use and very affordable! The support staff is very friendly. Overall an excellent value!Pros: Easy to use and very affordable. Cons: Nothing at this time. Recommendations to other buyers: Try it and you will fire your CPA!"
Jimmy Slough, at Jimmy Slough, Courtesy of Capterra

"Does Everything you want and its easy. I've tried all of them over the past 10 years and this is the best."
James Goodwin, at ASJ Investment Corp, Courtesy of Capterra

"Great experience. Pricing is excellent. Functionality can be tweaked but is very good overall. Suits my needs very well although it would be nice if some of the pay categories (e.g., prep time, travel time, etc.) can be entered as hours and not dollar amounts.Pros: Great value. Ease of use. Customer support is very responsive and professional. Cons: Inability to enter certain pay categories (e.g., travel time, prep time) in time increments. A little cumbersome for the user to convert an employee's travel time (for example) into a pay amount. Recommendations to other buyers: Eliminate early direct deposit submission on federal banking holidays. Employees do work on Saturdays and when there is a holiday there is no way to capture their pay for that week."
Jeffrey Hyman, at The Cleaning Authority, Hammonton, Courtesy of Capterra

"The price is quite reasonable and the service is good. It was a little confusing at first but I quickly adapted."
Dominique Buckley, at Vinyards, Courtesy of Capterra

"It takes a bit to set up, and can be a little less user friendly than some of the other products I have used, but the software is fantastic and does more for less. I love that it completes all of my quarterly reports for me and sends them off (hands free solution). Now that I understand the system I love it and cannot believe how inexpensive the product is."
Gordon Neufeld, at Neufeld Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"I've just recently began using Patriot and couldn't be happier. The software is very easy to use and offers many services that would otherwise be stressful to do alone. It is very easy to use and if there is a question or concern, the customer service team is outstanding!!Pros: I like the customer service the most. Recommendations to other buyers: If you've never done payroll before, watch the demo and try the software out first."
Mandy K, at Kirk Enterprise of Ohio LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Just starting to use the program, but so far it has been a good experience. The program offers tutorials along the way as well as tips and helpful info to someone like myself that hasn't worked much with payroll. Will have a better idea of how the program as a whole functions once I have ran it through a few different pays, but so far seems to be what I needed.Pros: The helpful tutorials it offers throughout. Cons: Information on how to reset the check layout."
William Rothel, at DPS, Courtesy of Capterra

"Ease of use highly recommend. Love site. File all my taxes for me. Price cannot be beat. Was using quickbooks, never again!"
Robert Young, at Springtyme Landscaping & Design Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"I am a small business with only 1 employee and I have been searching for a payroll software. Most of the big companies such as ADP, Paychex have horrible reviews and their fees are high considering I only have 1 employee. Then I found Patriot Software which has the most reasonable monthly fees. I decided to give it a try. I have been very impressed with their response time and their staff who are very knowledgeable and helpful (Jennifer, Leanne etc.). They walked me through the setup right there on the phone. Within 30 minutes I have everything set up. The software is very easy to manage and run. Everytime I called for help, they picked up the phone within a short time and there is no wait. Their staffs were very patient to answer all of my questions thoroughly. I am glad I found the right software for my payroll. I highly recommend Patriot Software to everyone.Pros: 1) Easy to use 2) Friendly and knowledgeable staff Cons: 1) I hope they can make a recurring payment Recommendations to other buyers: Best I've found in the payroll software category."
Sherry Dodson, at Whole Health Supply, Courtesy of Capterra

"I am a small business with only 1 employee and I have been searching for a payroll software. Most of the big companies such as ADP, Paychex have horrible reviews and their fees are high considering I only have 1 employee. Then I found Patriot Software which has the most reasonable monthly fees. I decided to give it a try. I have been very impressed with their response time and their staff who are very knowledgeable and helpful (Jennifer, Leanne etc.). They walked me through the setup right there on the phone. Within 30 minutes I have everything set up. The software is very easy to manage and run. Everytime I called for help, they picked up the phone within a short time and there is no wait. Their staffs were very patient to answer all of my questions thoroughly. I am glad I found the right software for my payroll. I highly recommend Patriot Software to everyone.Pros: 1) Easy to use 2) Friendly and knowledgeable staff Cons: 1) I hope they can make a recurring payment Recommendations to other buyers: Best I've found in the payroll software category."
Sherry Dodson, at Whole Health Supply, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot Software is by far the easiest accounting software I have ever used. Customer service calls are actually answered by real people that speak English in complete sentences!Pros: Ease of use and understandable. Recommendations to other buyers: you cant go wrong using this product."
Ray Baker, at Dynamic Cleaning, Courtesy of Capterra

"Exceptional Customer Service. They are always prompt in answering all of my questions and concerns. Always there to offer feedback.Pros: The easiness of the navigation. Cons: Not able to print separate reports."
Kenisha Williams, at Beni HR Consulting Group, Courtesy of Capterra

"Great product. friendly knowledgeable staff and just wonderful to use. I would recommend this to any small business out there. It takes the worries of doing your payroll taxes and submitting the forms away form you.Pros: Ease of use, staff and takes the stress of doing and submitting your payroll taxes off your shoulders. Frees up more time to expand your business. Cons: None so far. Recommendations to other buyers: I would recommend any small business to use this service."
Mike Arnold, at Galaxy Freight Solutions LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Easy transition of old software. Leaves nothing to question very easy process. Seamless and easy."
Nathan Sikora, at Holistic Family Chiropractic, Courtesy of Capterra

"Very easy to set up and they have a checklist so you know exactly what you are missing still. Very good price. While all the other third party software out there keeps raising their price, Patriot is very affordable.Pros: Ease of use Ease of setup customer service, price. Cons: Haven't found any yet."
Krista Sievers, at Advanced Plus Bookkeeping LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"We've been a client of Patriot for over a year and have been extremely pleased with the service thus far. The software is easy to use and there is always live help available when needed."
Damon Cozamanis, at ChiroFusion, Courtesy of Capterra

"Comments: It is useful software, It will effectively replace quickbooks for a small business. It will cost significantly less than a quickbooks subscription, However is not as streamlined. To get things done will take more work. However as a Non accountant small business owner it was better in my eyes to go with Patriot. Pros: IT does the job and it does it for Cheap. Cons: It does not have a lot of automation features to save time. Recommendations to other buyers: I think its a very economical replacement to quickbooks."
Nathan Kung, at Sahara Nights Hookah LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Comments: My old payroll service closed down unexpectedly. Next day we had a hurricane so I had to find a new payroll service fast. When I got my utilities on after 7 days, I starting looking. I signed up with a different company, after over a month they still did not have me set up. So I started looking again, came across Patriot payroll. So far every time I've called them [I've] always had a live person that helped me - very knowledgeable about helping me with my questions, this company is great! Free setup and very easy to do what I have to input. Will be running my first payroll soon can't wait... we haven't been payed in 2 months.Pros: easy to useCons: none yet"
Kathy Mahan, at Advance Safe & Lock, Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"Easy to navigate and great customer service! I have been using this software (after trying to do payroll on my own) for about two years. I only have to enter the hours (or for a salaried employee) and they do the rest! I have no paperwork to file anymore. I don't have to send in the checks for taxes. Excellent customer service either via chat or phone. Pros: Easy to use - no more taxes to pay by check - great customer service - no more filing of tax reports Cons: Price went up a lot this year."
Marcy Yavor, at Bay Sales Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"Great payroll company to use! The customer service is very responsive. Any question that I have had in the past, they answered immediately, less than 5 minutes. They have everything that is needed for payroll for a small business to run efficiently, without worry, and at a very reasonable price. I am very happy I came to this software. Pros: Pricing, Customer Service Availabilty Cons: I cannot think of any! Recommendations to other buyers: This is the only payroll software you will want to use!"
Gemelle Salon, at Salon, Courtesy of Capterra

"This software was exactly what I needed! We had a small one-employee business. I am somewhat familiar with payroll bookkeeping but was afraid I was going to do something wrong and end up with a huge tax bill. I needed something simple and cheap to keep me honest. Patriot software was just what I had been looking for!! Thanks for the great product! Pros: Easy to use. Cheap Only pay for what you need. Cons: None Recommendations to other buyers: Go for it! You have nothing to lose. You can try it free for 30 days and you will fall in love with it."
Misty Baker, at Superior Yard Service, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot Software is very easy to use. When I switched from a PC to a Mac computer my old payroll software would not work with my new Mac computer I just purchased. The transition from my old payroll software to Patriot Software was easy. I highly recommend Patriot Software."
Shelly Etter, at Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services, Courtesy of Capterra

"I was shopping around and had called several places that were giving me extremely high prices on their payroll processing that I thought was ridiculous, since I was just starting out my company. But once I found Patriot Software, they had one flat rate fee without no additional hidden fees on even offered me a 2-month free trial! Pros: This payroll software is extremely easy to use and set-up as well as record employees payroll each pay period. Cons: N/A"
Elaine Ramirez, at After Shock Pest Control, Courtesy of Capterra

"I would highly recommend this site and/or program to not only business owners, but especially to other contractors. Pros: Its value is great. Cons: Navigation of the site is tough at times. Recommendations to other buyers: Just overall good"
Brian Miller, at BKM Drywall, Courtesy of Capterra

"After trying to run payroll and taxes on my own for a year, I decided to try the Patriot system. I wish I had switched sooner! The system is easy to use for me as the employer. It has a user friendly interface where the employee can go to look at pay stubs and edit info for tax withholdings and direct deposit. They file all the quarterly and annual tax paperwork on my behalf without any prompting from me. I have only needed to speak to a person once, and he was outstanding. Helped me make a simple correction without making me feel like an accounting dunce. Do yourself a favor, let Patriot handle your payroll!"
Amanda Rhea, at Rhea Household, Courtesy of Capterra

"There when I need them, Deliver when I need it.. One of the best business partners we have... As my business grows I have learned to work smarter-not harder... Releasing the task of payroll has been wonderful... I look forward to go next level with your offerings starting Jan 1 Thank You also to Michael ~ Customer Support Team Pros: Easy to use Cons: NONE"
Blake Crenshaw, at GuideStar Consulting & WeScanFiles, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot has been so simple and easy to use as our payroll service. We are a small business with just a few employees, and we have the Full Service subscription which is such a great value for the low cost. Patriot takes care of turning in all of of our payroll taxes. I've only had to contact Customer Service one time with a question about adding a Salary Employee, and the woman was so helpful and helped me take care of it right away. Pros: The low cost and ease of using this service to run our payroll makes it the best value out there! Cons: Other payroll services offer health insurance packages and Patriot does not."
Stephen Grauberger, at Franklin Business Law, PLLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Great company to work with. The software is easy to use. The reports are easy to understand and easy to generate. The service is very affordable, and the customer service staff is 2nd to none. 5 stars all the way. Pros: Everything Cons: None that I know of. Recommendations to other buyers: Can't go wrong here."
Kim Teed, at Teed Sales LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Our company is a startup that grew from a company that had closed. I used other payroll services in the past and none of them were as responsive as Patriot. They offer a great service at a very affordable price. Very glad I found them. Best payroll service I ever used."
Claire Curry, at Studio31 Marketing, Courtesy of Capterra

"We researched payroll services for days, including most of the big name national firms. Chose Patriot and have not regretted it one bit! Easy to set up and their knowledgeable, friendly representatives will walk you through the entire process if you need them to. Now payroll runs seamlessly!"
J Allen Fiorletta, at The Fiorletta Law Group, PLLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"This Software has been the best addition to our company's operations. Easy to use portal access for our employees. Pros: Easy access Cons: Need more HR options Recommendations to other buyers: Worth the price"
Ramon Williams, at Williams International Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot Software was exactly what i needed as a new business owner. It is extremely user friendly and the best software i have come across thus far. The reps are always emailing me and calling to ensure i am completely satisfied, and don't need any assistance.Pros: User friendly, great value, great customer ServiceCons: none Recommendations to other buyers: Have all your tax ID and business info ready and prepared, and try the free demo first."
Cierra Tate Williams, at Dream Pursue Conquer Childcare , Courtesy of Capterra

"In the short time I have been with Patriot I have been very impressed with the growth and advances with their software. Pros: Customer Service Cons: N/A"
Mya Byrd, at Trinity Tax Services, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Switched here from Paychex. Wish we had done so earlier. this is so much better and cheaper. The only hard part is fixing all the mistakes Paychex made."
Sue Jean Liu, at Vigilias LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot has been very easy to work with. When I have had issues trying to do something, their customer service has been excellent."
Dwayne Stone, at FieldStone Technologies, Courtesy of Capterra

"I have used different software in the past, Patriot is one of the best I have used. It could be better with [a] little more function and Layouts. Pros: Ease of Use Cons: Layout could be little better."
Jatin Desai, at George St Financial Services LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"As a new small nonprofit I shopped many companies for a full service payroll and Patriot was by far the best value for the money. Plus they have all the bells and whistles available of other companies. Their customer service is quick and friendly. Pros: Ease of use and price. Recommendations to other buyers: Great customer service."
Misty Ramos, at P.A.L.S. for Healing, Courtesy of Capterra

"I looked everywhere for a payroll company to use before I actually pulled the trigger. I was slightly hesitant at first because Patriot was so much cheaper then all the other options, but after reading other reviews that were good, I decided to give the trial a try. Getting everything setup was slightly difficult since I didn't have all the accounts with my state that I needed in order to run payroll. However, Patriot had lots of information about my state and showed all the accounts that I needed to set up in order to run my first payroll. For the price you really can't go wrong with Patriot Payroll."
C S, at We Like Vitamins, Courtesy of Capterra

"I've just begun using the software and it is easy and intuitive to set up. If their customer service is any indication of the quality of the product, I know I will not be disappointed.Pros: Customer Service Cost!"
Lisbeth Mitchell, at RKM Trucking LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"For a small business with few employees the best bang for the buck.. After just a couple of glitches in getting state tax issues worked out, it functions seamlessly."
Daniel Greenberg, at Law office of Daniel B. Greenberg, Courtesy of Capterra

"I am very Happy to use Patriot Service their customer service is WONDERFUL. Also, their rates are cheaper as compared to others. Definitely, would recommend."
Urvesh Patel, at La'Berry, Courtesy of Capterra

"I am very Happy to use Patriot Service their customer service is WONDERFUL. Also, their rates are cheaper as compared to others. Definitely, would recommend."
Trina Patel, at La'Berry, Courtesy of Capterra

"The setup has been very easy so far and the customer service is always quick with the answer needed. Interface is extremely user-friendly."
Erin Harrington, at Depot Theatre, Courtesy of Capterra

"Setup [was] fairly straightforward, but website would not accept certain responses (such as N/A or blank) due to our non-profit status. Customer service [was] helpful for both Patriot and NatPay. It would be nice if Patriot would accept bank drafts for payment rather than requiring debit/credit card."
Debra Brooks, at First Baptist Church, Courtesy of Capterra

"I employ 1 person and needed a low-cost way to pay them on the books and have all the taxes taken care of without me having to worry about it. Patriot does it all from local to federal, deducting from my bank account and doing direct deposits for my employee. Their service has saved me countless hours and lets me avoid any legal challenges of not doing my own payroll taxes properly. This is a relief to me every day.Pros: Simple, web-based software. Online help right there. Nice help articles, too. Cons: They outsource their direct deposit to another company so sometimes I have to speak to a second person when I need help. Rare, but happens. Recommendations to other buyers: Let them do the tax setups for you and account setups."
Arvind Grover, at Homeowner, Courtesy of Capterra

"Easy to use. I got the complete payroll software, they take care of everything! Get the complete version it's worth the money.Pros: It's easy to use"
Evelyn Garcia, at Distinctive Notary & Services LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"I have been a user of online payroll services for 5+ years. I have switched to Patriot Software full payroll services because it has all of the same features and services as the other service I used at a much lower monthly cost.Pros: Easy to setup, easy to use, great support for setup and use questions. Cons: None known at this time. Recommendations to other buyers: No."
Michael Holmes, at Michael S Holmes PC, Courtesy of Capterra

"I checked out some other programs before going with Patriot. It was easy to set up and get started. It was straightforward, payroll is easy, and I've already generated my tax forms to mail in. I like it so much I think I'm going to sign up for the full tax service. And the price, you can't beat! Customer service was also very prompt and friendly when I emailed with a question."
Tara Shaw, at Peikert Shaw Construction Corp, Courtesy of Capterra

"Love, love, love Patriot Software. Their customer service goes above and beyond and the ease of use of their product is awesome!Pros: Customer service and ease of use Cons: NA Recommendations to other buyers: Please keep your customer service 5 stars! You don't get that much anymore."
Amy Figard, at Crossroad Data Solutions, Courtesy of Capterra

"This is great payroll and accounting software! Very user-friendly easy to move through, this would work great for a business of any size.Pros: Ease of use Cons: Nothing"
Lauren Baldwin, at DCM Services, Courtesy of Capterra

"Compared to other services such as Paychex and ADP and other online payroll services, this software, although, not better but it is very affordable and easy to use."
Waleed Farah, at Blue Olive Grill, Courtesy of Capterra

"Moved from Paychex to Patriot for 2017. Paychex way too complicated, Patriot far simpler. Customer support by phone is much better and easier too."
David Rickert, at NTN, Courtesy of Capterra

"Excellent software, easy-to-use, convenient, and valuable with a lot of features, and helps to make payroll easier."
K Behdinan, at Pointfar, Courtesy of Capterra

"This product is very user-friendly and the customer service is outstanding! Great product for the price.Pros: Ease of use. Cons: None. Recommendations to other buyers: It is great to have them take care of paying the taxes etc. Takes a big worry off of the company."
Sandi Cross, at Bottomline Auctions Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"Extremely user-friendly. Solves the issue of providing payroll solutions to the clients. It is very cost effective.Pros: Inexpensive solution to payroll processing. Extremely easy to use and customer support is responsive. Cons: The product does not offer "pay as you go" workers compensation. Recommendations to other buyers: A must try."
Peter Messineo, at Brownsberger & Messineo, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"I did A LOT of research prior to selecting payroll software. After reading all the positive reviews about Patriot, I decided to do a trial run. I encountered a few issues getting all of my documents in order, but their customer service team came to the rescue. They even contacted my state officials to have some late fees removed from my tax records.Pros: Simple and fairly straightforward. Customer service makes all the difference - it's outstanding, even while beating the competition on price. Cons: Initial setup and user interface could be more intuitive."
Joe Cross, at Cross Fitness LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Honestly a great payroll company. Very simple to use, and their customer service is phenomenal. You are not on hold talking to a robot for the first 5-10 minutes as most other companies make you do. You are on the phone speaking with a representative within the first minute or two of calling, which is extremely helpful. Highly recommend!"
Sal Olivet, at Madison Avenue Prom Pageant and Bridal, Courtesy of Capterra

"I had used a separate payroll company that was nearly double the price and twice as confusing. I love Patriot for its simplicity and ease. Plus you can’t beat the price, trust me. I tried!"
Korie Padgett, at SIM, Courtesy of Capterra

"We needed a software that would handle Payroll and filings. Patriot software fit the need perfectly. No software to upgrade, no tax calculations to handle, no filing to take care of -it is all handled by a patriot. Just simply download the W2s and print and if the employee has agreed to receive an electronic W2 then attach it to their login. They enter the portal and can get directly to it. My favorite part is the no-nonsense filing. You run the payroll and the file. You can even print your checks or set up direct deposit. This software works for you not against you!Pros: You enter the hours and process the payroll. They handle the filing and all the calculations. Cons: They were not sure if we would be required to pay SUTA as each state is different. But a call to the state got the information we needed and a call to patriot software finished the setup. Recommendations to other buyers: Use the Free initial setup with customer support and you will be running in no time."
T Rockefeller, at Dearing Full Gospel Church, Courtesy of Capterra

"Cheaper than quickbooks and also much easier to use. I have not needed to speak to customer service."
Connie Miller, at Nonnies, Courtesy of Capterra

"After much trepidation, I decided to go with Patriot Payroll for my payroll service. It was one of the best things to happen to my small company. The customer service is awesome. The value and ease-of-use makes getting this service a no brainer!Pros: Price Value Ease of use Customer Service. Cons: No dislikes."
Candie L Walton, at Pet Grooming Plus, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"I got great customer service and the software is very user friendly. I am a new customer and I like all the functions of the software.Pros: It is user friendly."
Brooks Mathern, at Insurance Specialists, Courtesy of Capterra

"Customer service is prompt, friendly, and helpful. When a mistake was made, they took responsibility for it and covered the fees involved. Payroll input is fairly simple, though any changes made to an employee's info must be done before you start the payroll or you have to cancel the entire payroll and start again after the employee info has been updated.Pros: It is fairly easy to use, and if you don't know how to do something, customer support is very helpful and prompt to respond. Cons: Any changes made to an employee's info must be done before you start the payroll or you have to cancel the entire payroll and start again after the employee info has been updated. i.e. if you forget to add a wage change to one employee's info and discover this during the payroll data entry process, you have to cancel your work, update the wage info for the employee, and then start the payroll all over again. Recommendations to other buyers: Take the time to review the filing that Patriot does on your behalf. Everyone makes mistakes, and it is important to catch them earlier rather than later!"
Katie Bowling, at The James Industrial Cleaning LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"I run a small business accounting firm and have used Quickbooks software since opening my business doors. After years of paying sky high prices for payroll services, I was finally fed up and decided to switch at the beginning of the year. I am so happy I stumbled upon Patriot's payroll software! User-friendly, great functionality, and best of all, with their discounted pricing for accountants and bookkeepers, I will be able to increase my profit margins significantly! Highly recommend! And with a 30 day trial period, you can't go wrong."
Rachel Reed, at Rachel Reed LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"This software was made to make my business a lot easier and smoother to run. Thanks to you guys, my life is so much easier.Pros: Easy to use. Cons: I love it all. Recommendations to other buyers: Give it a try."
Joseph Beedle, at Brooklyn N Chase Productions, Courtesy of Capterra

"I use this for my small business, and it makes payroll really simple. I signed up to get direct deposit through NATPAY, and this makes that very easy to do. Their pricing is some of the best around as well. There aren't any advanced features (such as adjusting social security or medicare withholding manually), but if you have standard payroll needs and want to make your life a little easier, this product will probably work fine for you.Pros: Easy to set up, Great standard features like hourly pay types, salary, contributions, distributions, etc., Direct Deposit, Employee portal. Cons: Not many advanced features, less customizable than some, Interface to access past payrolls can be a little clunky."
Erik Gregg, at Gregg Industries, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot has given my clients the opportunity to afford a payroll service where they don't need to stress over filing the proper forms and on specified timelines. My clients now have the ability to focus their work where it's needed - into the growth of their business."
Sara Turner, at Oak & Acorn Bookkeeping Services, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot is easy to get in contact with and their support is wonderful and fast. Their payroll service is great. Highly recommended company for payroll!Pros: Easy to use, easy to reach customer support, great value for service. Cons: Nothing yet."
U Pat, at La Berry Sandwich Cafe and Frozen Treats, Courtesy of Capterra

"I have been paying quarterly taxes for my employees, and having an accountant make sure they were all ok. It leaves me with a huge bill at the end of each quarter so I shopped around for an inexpensive payroll service which would file for me - just started with Patriot and due to my inability to follow simple instructions, managed to mess up the historical payroll for January - I contacted the support staff by phone and it has been sorted within minutes. Really simple to use (if you do what you're supposed to) - and so far everything will make my life a lot easier.Pros: Ease of use - dashboard is clear. Support staff amazing. Cons: Nothing so far..."
Debbie Ward, at DC LAWN CARE, Courtesy of Capterra

"Easy and Affordable, great for small businesses! I really appreciate their customer service, very knowledgeable.Pros: Customer Service and ease of use."
Eric Mueller, at Farmers Insurance, Courtesy of Capterra

"We are a small business with only one employee. We looked at using another national payroll service, and the cost was more than what would make sense for us. Patriot Software has made my life so much easier. They walk you through using the online service, and their customer service is top notch. I had a question in the beginning and used the chat feature and had an answer within 5 minutes. As a paid user, they file all of the necessary state and federal paperwork for me which takes a load of stress off. Overall, I have been very satisfied with Patriot and I will continue to use them!Pros: The customer service. When using an online service, there's always a fear that it may be difficult to speak with a live person. You can rest assured their customer service reps are ready to help in any way they can. They're knowledgeable, friendly, and prompt. The layout of the website can be a little tricky until you get used to it. I recommended calling in and letting them guide you through the setup. Cons: The website can be a little tricky to learn at first. I highly recommend calling them and letting them walk you through the setup."
Laura Osgood, at Northshore Financial Group, Courtesy of Capterra

"Ok..straight to the point...affordable, easy to navigate online customer service rep Jennifer was patient and helpful...every company could take a lesson from her phone skills...Pros: Easy login and easy to navigate. even for a novice like me... Cons: None."
Steve Neil, at Farm Bureau Insurance, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot Software is an affordable, easy to use software. Support staff is friendly and easy to reach. If your small business is looking for accounting software that is headache free and easy on your budget, I highly recommend Patriot.Pros: Easy to use and a great value. Video tutorials are very useful. Cons: The only downside is the fact that they operate on eastern time and I'm on pacific time. If I need to speak with customer service after 2:00pm my time, I am not able to get help until the next day. It just requires me to adjust my workflow a bit. With that said, they offer very detailed online help which includes video tutorials. Recommendations to other buyers: Don't hesitate to give Patriot Software a try. With their generous free trial, you have nothing to lose."
Amy Johnson, at SGI Partners Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"Being a real small company and doing Payroll for the first time without having any idea what I've gotten myself into, Patriot Payroll made it so easy. I didn't use their setup help, their program is so well explained that even a Payroll noob like me had no issues to set it up. Once it's set up it only takes 2 clicks to run a payroll every week. Love this program! Don't waste money with hiring a Payroll accountant, who charge you $100+/month. Patriot Payroll is easy and so affordable! Love it!!!Pros: Easy to navigate, well explained, help buttons everywhere. Cons: None I can think of. Recommendations to other buyers: Get it!"
Udo Barbosa, at Barbosa Carpentry, Courtesy of Capterra

"We are a brand new business and the thought of running payroll was so terrifying for me! When we found Patriot we were so grateful for all of the services they provide to make things much easier. I feel confident that they will file everything for me and it really takes a load of our shoulders. Also their customer service is unmatched. I was contacted by my account rep several times to notify me of additional support and services.. it wasn't too overwhelming as I've experienced with other companies. Definitely recommend Patriot!Pros: Easy and full service. Cons: The organization of the website is a little difficult. Not as intuitive as other sites."
Nicole Busbin, at Bay Area Building Services, Courtesy of Capterra

"I have looked at different payroll companies and was pleasantly surprised to find out about Patriot Payroll software. It is by far the best value for the money. It is very efficient and helps me keep my payroll processing cost low, which in turn helps pass on those savings to my clients."
Sargis Isavi, at Sargis Isavi, CPA, Courtesy of Capterra

"This has been such a great product for my payroll, they have such wonderful customer support and the product is so easy to use!Pros: Ease of use, customer support. Cons: None. Recommendations to other buyers: Go with this product!"
Amber Selgrad, at Fancy Paws and Claws Pet Grooming, Courtesy of Capterra

"I was looking for a way to save money. I heard about patriot software on the radio. Thought I would try it. So easy to set up and get started. First two months free. What's not to Love?Pros: User Interface - very easy Intuitive software. Cons: ACH Setup. Recommendations to other buyers: Switch now!"
Pete Ferguson, at Midwest Meineke, Courtesy of Capterra

"Customer service was really helpful in setting up my small company. The web based software was easy to use. It's the most affordable service that is credible.Pros: Cost, ease of use, customer service was nice. Cons: Non app based. Recommendations to other buyers: Gotta pay our taxes sometime. Let pros do it"
Brian Hamm, at Haon Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot offers a great quality product, that as a full payroll service customer takes a lot of hassle off of me. I would highly suggest to small business owners that don't have the background to try and manage payroll on their own.Pros: Affordability. Ease of Use. Hassle Free. Cons: None."
Braden Trimpe, at College Movers & Junk Hauling, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot is low-cost, high-end Payroll software. It was the perfect solution for my small company. Customer service is excellent, friendly, and easy to get ahold of. They handle everything (including set-up if you want) so I can focus on running the business. All of the hassle is taken out of payroll with Patriot, and payroll has become one of the easiest things we do.Pros: Excellent customer service, and that they handle everything payroll related, including payroll taxes, without worries. Cons: We decided to go with other accounting options, but for payroll it's great."
David Lorimer, at Lortégrix, Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"As a new business owner this is great. It takes all of the filing and paperwork off your shoulders and allows you to go back to what is important for your business. Super easy to use, set it up once and you are good to go . Highly recommended. No hidden fees either."
Ben Fairweather, at Culver Beer Co., Courtesy of Capterra

"I use Patriot for keeping track of my employees' payroll amounts and also, this time of year, taking care of the 1099's. It's easy to figure out, good options for help when needed, and makes things so much easier with my business!Pros: Ease of use! Cons: Haven't found anything I don't like yet."
Brandi Allen-Wilske, at Brandi's Janitorial, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Affordable Overall: I have looked at a ton of different software and I didn't find any that offered what Patriot does at such a great price, for one employee."
Tori Filskov, at Daycare, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: ease of use, has the options I need. Cons: User interface could be spruced up a bit, although it is simple and that is a plus as well. Overall: After struggling with other payroll systems that did not offer the type of service I required, I tried Patriot and found it to fit my needs precisely. I also like the fact that is is run completely from their dashboard and online. If I need to print docs I can, but I like that everything is done via cloud based storage systems. Recommendations to other buyers: Give it a try and see if it works for you."
Adam Sampson, at Colorado ILC Services, Courtesy of Capterra

"I`m a busy person, and this software gave me peace of mind about my payroll; fast, easy, convenient and good value."
Jose Cuellar, at D &y enterprises, inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Ease of set up, beautiful UI, tiered pricing for the small busineess budget. Overall: I was looking for a way to cut down on my expenses without having to sacrifice my time with my family. Being the sole proprietor of a small business is tough and I was constantly struggling with time and expense issues. Accounting had become my worst enemy after hiring my first employees. While hunting for an affordable payroll accounting solution, I found patriot and kissed my entire accounting nightmare goodbye! Setup only took a few minutes and payroll was a breeze, best of all Patriot fit in easily with my small business budget. Recommendations to other buyers: The free trial is fully functional and was a life saver."
Tamara Johannsen, at Creations by TJ, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: The service has been amazing. Easy to use software and very easily to move around the site and find what you need. Cons: It was a little confusing with setup but afterwards it was great. Overall: The service while using this product has been very successful. I have used another service before and it is not as good as this service has been. Recommendations to other buyers: Patience with setting up cause afterwards the software works great. It has been a good experience."
Krista Hulme, at NCC Contracting, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy of Use. Convenient online access. Employee Portal. Overall: I love this software. It is easy to use! And gives me the option to offer direct deposit! Something I could not do before!"
Sharon Cummings, at CSH Tax Services, Courtesy of Capterra

"Great payroll software! Easy to set up and use. Exceptional customer service. Would highly recommend!"
Charles Cox, at Right Way Irrigation, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Ease of Use, Time Saver, Customer Service is quick and responsive, Takes the stress out of doing payroll. Cons: I haven't had any experience that was negative so far. Overall: I have the payroll and time clock manager functions. I think it's quick and easy to use. I like that all the filing with the government is taken care of automatically and I don't have to worry about it. Makes everything a lot more manageable. The few times I have had to contact customer service like when I was setting up the time clock information, the people were friendly, knew what they were talking about, and were able to quickly get me where I needed to go. I would definitely recommend trying it out. It's much cheaper for me than when I had another payroll company managing my payroll. Recommendations to other buyers: Try it out. It's free for the first 30 days. I have never felt pressured into getting more than I wanted or needed."
Curt B, at Physical Medicine Injury Center, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: full features Cons: none as of yet Overall: I needed an affordable and easy to use payroll solution and this was it! It was super easy to setup as well. Recommendations to other buyers: do it"
Lee March, at Atlas Vapor, LLC., Courtesy of Capterra

"The setup was extensive. My advice use Patriot to setup, don't attempt to complete setup by yourself. It took much longer than expected."
Doreen Bingham, at Bing Secure Solutions, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy access and easy to navigate. Cons: I dont have any dislikes about the software. Overall: Every time I have a question they answer all my concerns with one call. Also, Their website is Easy to navigate."
Cynthia Medina, at Child Care, Courtesy of Capterra

"Easy to use, does what I need it to do for a small business. Affordable. Love the reports at tax time, makes my life easier."
Joshua Given, at Given Quality Painting, Courtesy of Capterra

"We needed answers to a few questions about how to run our 1099s and we received quick accurate help through the chat service."
Michael Phillips, at Phillips Adult Daycare and Respite, Courtesy of Capterra

"Software provides an easy setup. We run weekly payroll, submitting is super efficient. End of year reports are also simple to retrieve."
Mariam Henfling, at Next Level Transmission and Auto , Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Ease of use, customer service Cons: none yet Overall: Patriot is great for the small business owner! It is set-up to help guide you when entering information, so you don't have to be an accountant or a bookkeeper! The customer service was excellent, helped me with all of my questions and the set-up process! Recommendations to other buyers: If you are not an accountant and need to keep your accounts correct, this is for you!"
Katheren Reinke, at Knapp Chiropractic and Wellness, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy to use Cons: None Yet Overall: I have a small business with two employees. I was with the two major names in the payroll world for the past 5 years. After hearing about Patriot I decided it was time to save money. My monthly payroll expense decreased substantially, meaning more money in MY pocket. Although I do have experience processing payroll I decided to have Patriot pay my taxes. For the price I'm paying now it's well with it. The system is easy to use and the customer service is top notch. I called a few times during set up and they walked me through my problems. Recommendations to other buyers: If you're looking to save substantial money on payroll without sacrificing quality then this is the software to use."
Matt Buber, at Super Lice Clinic, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy of use, price Cons: none so far Overall: Easy to set up, easy to use, step by step guide to setup. Went from using [a competitor] which is $67/month for 4 EEs to $37/mo. Cant beat that! Recommendations to other buyers: Highly reccomend"
Ben Harvey, at ATSNM, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Ease of use, cost. Cons: No direct debit unless you have a commercial account. Overall: I've just been using Patriot for our nanny's payroll; [a competitor] decided to shutter their online payroll service at the end of last year so I researched around and decided on Patriot based on cost, features and state (Tennessee) coverage. Setup was easy and straightforward, and so far it's been relatively easy to use. I'd like to see automatic reminders, preset pay periods instead of selected dates manually each time.. but those are minor gripes."
Michael O'Grady, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Ease of use Cons: nothing at all Overall: I used Patriot Payroll this year for first time and am very pleased. Straightforward entry, and customer service was friendly and very responsive when I did have to call in with a question once."
Tammy Lucas, at David Lucas, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: The system is very easy to use and help is available by calling, emailing or through online chat support. Overall: I am a small business owner with only a handful of employees. I really needed a full service payroll so I would not have to remember or calculate tax deductions each time I needed to do payroll. Their service also takes care of my filing with the federal and state taxing authorities as well as filing my W-2s. This is priceless! When I told my CPA the monthly fee he was very surprised as he thought it would have cost more. I am very happy with their service."
Tricia Mixson, at RE/MAX Four Corners, Courtesy of Capterra

"Great product without killing my wallet. Have used several different programs for accounting and payroll and they have either been expensive, which for a small business doesn't jive with my budget, or they have been difficult to set up and navigate through. Patriot has been super easy so far."
Elisabeth Branstetter, at Transmission Man, Courtesy of Capterra

"I am running a small business with the need to easily run a payroll as money flows in. I found this online service to be extremely easy to use, flexible and very affordable. At this point, I would highly recommend Patriot Software."
Doug Ellis, at Heart4love Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy Setup. Easy to use. Excellent Tech Suppport! Very Cost Effective and Competitive Pricing Model. Cons: So far.....nothing I don't like. Overall: I used various payroll services in the past. I started a new company, looked at various options and glad I went with Patriot Software's Full Payroll Service. Super easy setup. Great Technical Support. I even get to use my Quickbooks 3 Part Laser Checks for both ordinary vendors and for may payroll."
Michael Spanos, at Zeus Property Management, Courtesy of Capterra

"WOW! Using this software has changed the scope of my day! I am now able to execute my own payroll which not only saves me money but allows me flexibility and greater control of my business. Small businesses must work hard in today's society but it is a lifesaver to be able to have any advantage and this software is definitely one!"
Carletta Murray, at Murraie Enterprises, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Value is not even close. Patriot does it all at 1/4th the cost. Easy to use and setup. Live chat assistance is quick and very qualified to answer questions. Once you are set up payroll is one click and done. No worries about dealing with the irs or edd. Once set up patriot does it all. That is a real load off for me. Cons: Honestly, nothing worth commenting on. Overall: Value. Ease of Setup and Use. Hands off payroll service is as advertised or maybe even better. During setup I needed help on some questions. Live chat from patriot was fast efficient and provided accurate answers and solutions to my problems. I don't think any part of the process could have been easier. The only thing that could have made things smoother would have been if I had all my information available when I started the setup. That is on me. Could not be more satisfied. One less worry. Thank you Patriot. Recommendations to other buyers: Collect all the information you can about your business and your employees before starting the setup process. Would make it go much faster and easier. Get detailed quotes and costs for each service from the other companies, then compare the list to patriot. No comparison."
Daniel Ferrari, at Dan Ferrari's Machine Shop, Courtesy of Capterra

"Thank you for simplifying payroll handling and keeping it affordable for my small business. Customer Service is fast and friendly."
Denise Conner, at 5 Clover Ranch LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Great software, Great Customer Service and Great Value! They're very helpful when I call and have a question."
Michael Taylor, at Emission Advisors, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"I Love Patriot Software! Patriot is easy to use, easy to understand, and when I need help the chat is a great source, and the phone support is awesome as well."
Camille, Aquia Christian Academy

"So far 5 STARS I haven't had to worry about the payroll aspects of running a business! Very affordable also."
Jerry, Funky Monkeys Shaved Ice

"Chat and phone are great, you're very patient and you've made some changes recently that makes your service better. On the Payroll tab you've added the most recent Payrolls list. This is Great, I don't have to go to reports to find this and you've just implemented the ability to export to QB which I'm anxious to try."
Renee, Burfisher Corporation

"Five stars, have received a helpful answer every time I have used the support service."
James, Southern Maryland Sailing Association

"Anytime I have questions, they have been answered AND it has been easy to do the payroll process with your software. I like that everyone I have spoken with seems knowledgeable."
Kim, Desert Image & Design, LLC

"You did a great job and I got my answer fast and perfectly.Great service as always."
Annie, Enchantment Landscapes, Inc.

"The software is user friendly. I like how I can run my payroll and pay the taxes and everything else is taken care of for me. I like receiving notices about payments being made and clicking on the tab to see what things are due. its nice to have the chat option for questions. The staff is very friendly and helpful in regards to the hardest most confusing questions to the easiest. They are patient enough to make sure you understand everything. It's nice to have all my employees information and pay stubs saved. I thoroughly enjoy using Patriot Software and will continue using them as long as I have to run payroll."
Jennifer, Powerhouse Exteriors, LLC

"Patriot Software gets 5 stars, more if it were available. The support staff is wonderful, especially Rita, who is an absolute joy to work with. Wish everything in life could be so accommodating and stress-free!"
Diane Lim, Andrew S. Lim, MD

"You guys have a great support team. I've called in twice and you guys have helped me get everything figured out right away!"
Glenn Sieve, Sieve Construction and Skid Service

"I think you guys are great!"
Sheila, Hope for a Better Tomorrow

"I am blown away by the level of customer service Patriot Software provides; any time we call with a question or an issue, the members of the support team go above and beyond to help. You just don’t find that kind of service in every company these days, and at this price point, it’s practically unheard of! The service is truly invaluable."
Erin, Community First Properties

"I like Patriot Payroll Software. Your payroll process is easy to use. And the reports are perfect, makes payroll tax payments less cumbersome. We know just by looking at your reports, how much we owe and where it goes. Your payroll reports capture all the liabilities and [a different payroll company] did that process internally so it did not break down to Fed w/h, state w/h, ss, med, FUTA and SUTA. I like the owner to see what the liabilities are... not just a general number. And best of all your price!"
Janice, Ink Strokes, Inc

"We really appreciate how easy things were with Patriot."
Karen Commean, Commean Insurance Agency

"I have a small business and had been looking for a simple-to-use payroll service that could replace the system I was using. I needed complete payroll service at an affordable price and I have found it with Patriot Software. We are in our second year of using them and the ease of use, low cost, complete payroll service and support will keep us using Patriot Software."
William Buhr, Quality Cleaners

"Patriot's customer service reps are the best. They work with you hand in hand to get you through difficult times for the first-time business."
psd protection, Quality Cleaners

"As a small business owner, having a site like Patriot to help me with my employee's payroll and taxes is extremely helpful to me! Their online and phone support has been amazing. They helped me get everything set up and running, and have been there with me every step of the way. Thank you, Patriot!"
Frank Leong, AGL Internet Solutions Inc.

"The software is very intuitive and easy to use. On the few occasions I needed help, the support team was very responsive and knowledgeable. Excellent response time."
Cathy Meekins, Happy Hands Early Learning Academy

"Thank you for all your help this year. I am so glad I found Patriot on the Internet. I so like your software!!"
Brenda Yeh, Millennium Tiles LLC

"I really like Patriot, your customer support has been really helpful."
Kim Dang, Auto Parts Lab

"Everything has been great! When I call, everybody answers quickly. It has simplified payroll for me as far as paying my employees and paying my federal and state taxes. I feel more secure now knowing that everything is getting paid. The reports are fabulous and if I ever think I've made a mistake I can check out the reports and find out where and when. I wish I could have used you guys 15 years ago!"
Julie Marchiol, Ascent Health Center

"When I call for help, I get to one of Patriot's support representatives immediately. The American support is great and it's nice to talk to someone in the country. I know I can also call if I have any questions!"
Dennis McClain, Royal Palm Industries

"It is with great pleasure that i would love to thank and commend each and every person from Patriot Software that I have corresponded with either via Phone, live chat or even e-mail. You all do such an amazing job; you put every customer service department i have dealt with personally to shame. I hope you all are well taken care of over there (no need to respond to this post script. If possible, just please share my appreciation for all your services with your co-workers so they are all reminded that the great customer service they provide does not go unnoticed by us customers). Your price-to-service ratio is unparalleled."
Amaury Tapia, Ecological Pest Control LLC

"Best support staff ever!! Fast and knowledgeable."
Annie, Enchantment Landscapes, Inc

"I love your service. It's one-stop shopping for all our needs and your customer support is great. We started last year with the basic accounting and then added payroll this year, and it's been wonderful."
Kathi Johns, Home & Commercial Electronic Solutions, LLC

"I give Patriot Software Payroll Services 10 stars. I have tried other payroll software packages that were confusing and expensive. Patriot Payroll is so easy to use and accurate. I do direct deposit through Patriot and the cost of this is just a fraction of what I paid monthly for other payroll services. Support staff is excellent and are there when you need them. I recommend this software to everyone. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!"
Sue Larson, East Ridge Office Complex, LLC

"5 Stars. Small businesses want to devote time to servicing clients rather than administrative functions. Patriot Software has aided that objective by providing excellent and timely payroll assistance. The online system allows for effortless and complete processing of payroll needs. All issues, questions and concerns have been responded to quickly and competently. I recommend Patriot Software without reservation."
Harry Levy, Healthcare Navigation Consulting, Inc.

"We are a small business and believe me I asked a lot of questions before we made the decision to go forward. Program was very easy to set up and I received the utmost courtesy and a wealth of important information from their customer service department. Our payroll is now up and running. It is very user-friendly and I have all the confidence in the world that things are being done professionally and accurately. Thank you Patriot Software for making my job easier. You are very deserving of those 5 Stars."
Philomena Wohlford, RJR Financial Services

"I give Patriot 5 stars. The software is easy enough to use, but, even better, the customer care is tops. To have a start up call offer to help was amazing. All the support people I've interacted with on the phone, and on the chat, have been knowledgeable, cheerful, and easy to talk to. They have taken some of the stress out of being in uncharted territory for me."
Judith Noyes-Farnsworth, J. Farnsworth

"My experience has been hands down a 5+++! I wish I would’ve found you guys sooner!"
Brandon Sloan, Fast Cash, LLC

"We have been using Patriot Software for a few months now and could not be happier. We do basic payroll for 3 employees (2 hourly, 1 salary) and Patriot makes it so easy! We have also found the monthly tax filings simple and easy. This is going to make our 2016 tax year so much more efficient!"
Jess Crotty, Charles B. Horne

"I'm extremely happy with the service of Patriot Software and my direct contact for their payroll and tax services they provide. The service has saved me a tremendous amount of time which allows me to focus on the more important areas of my business. I only have 2 employees, but I would highly recommend Patriot Software for the small business owner that needs to spend time in other areas of their business and for the price of the service, you can't beat it! 5 Star."
Andy Roach, Sunny Arizona Pool Service

"It is great to have a personal Customer Ambassador, one whom I can contact if I have problems or questions. My previous payroll program did not offer such personalized service. Whenever I would call them with questions or payroll processing issues, I was constantly placed "on hold" often times for as long as 20+ minutes. So, I am delighted to know that I have you as my contact person."
Russell Saurbaugh, Saurbaugh Financial Services

"I have enjoyed using the Patriot Software because of the ability to access someone that can help me with my questions quickly. I am not a bookkeeper and do not like working with numbers and administrative tasks. Patriot has made it easier for me to figure out how to accomplish these tasks quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Patriot Software (5 rating) and especially enjoyed working with Cassandra (5 Rating)!"
Natalie Larson, Watershed Psychological Services

"5 Stars! Patriot Software and their amazing team is a crucial part of our small business. Patriot handles the details of payroll and tax payments so we can focus on delivering exceptional customer service to our own clients. Patriot is affordable, easy to use, and keeps us organized. They are receptive to their customers and strive to demonstrate that each day. Without a doubt, we will be using their services for many years to come. Thank you, Patriot Software Team!"
Lora Kaasch, Tucker Kaasch LLC

"I'm the only employee in my business and was so afraid to start a payroll system. However after four years I knew that it was the next step, Due to the age of my accounting software, it would no longer support payroll without an expensive upgrade. After researching for payroll programs I decided to sign up with Patriot Software. This was the best decision of my business career! Patriot Software is simple but provides all necessary tools. It is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. Whenever I do need support chat is available with qualified people like Beth to explain all the steps you need to complete your goal. The customer support team knows this software and easily answers any questions you may have. I have been so happy with this company and no one can beat the price!!!"
Candie Walton, Pet Grooming Plus, Inc

"I’ve used various payroll software providers in the past and none can hold a candle to Patriot Software. Ridiculously easy to configure and helpful documentation when I needed it. The support staff, both by phone and live chat, has been fast, knowledgeable and courteous. Very excited that Patriot Software will be filing my tax forms for me. Not just providing the forms like other payroll companies do, but they’ll actually be filing the paperwork so I don’t have to. Managing payroll has been a long-time headache that I no longer need to deal with thanks to Patriot Software. I definitely rate your company/software 5/5 stars."
Jeff Walden, JWALDEN

"Your reps are always kind, helpful and very patient. I have found even if I ask the same question twice, your reps are so receptive and friendly which makes the transition to your system easier."
Pat Hanson, Bella Bugs

"I am handling bookkeeping for small clients. It made no sense for these clients to pay the high fees that other programs charge. I started using Patriot Software the beginning of 2016 and have loved it. It is very easy to set up and use. Monthly and quarterly reporting information is very easily obtained. I am looking forward to making use of Patriot's online W2 viewing, thus simplifying the task of printing them out myself. I highly recommend Patriot Software. It is definitely the best program for the money."
Allen Cohen, Cotton Design Associates, LLC

"Patriot Software payroll is the easiest by far of the payroll services I've used (ADP, Paychex and Quickbooks Payroll). For my small business you can't beat the price and I'm also impressed with the service I get. I would easily rate Patriot 5 stars. Thank you!"
Jeffrey Kropp, Patriot Financial Group, Inc.

"The customer service is AWESOME."
Sherry Roper, Law Office of Ramona Evans Daniels, LLC

"Pros: The instructional videos. Cons: N/A Overall: I am new to Patriot Software. As soon as I signed up, I received a welcome phone. The software is easy to use and to navigate, includes these instructional videos that help setting up, etc. I just had difficulty with the pre printed checks, for some reason the sample test print was not matching the adjustments I would make , other than that everything is great! Recommendations to other buyers: easy to read and use. great for small business use."
Diana Morado, at DJ Tree Planting, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Value, easy-to-use, customer service. Cons: None Overall: Patriot software is extremely easy to set up and use. I would recommend it to any small business owner that needs accounting or payroll software. Recommendations to other buyers: Buy it."
Robert Isom, at Blackwater Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Ease of use once everything is set up. Cons: First time user - some hassle. Overall: First time to use Patriot Payroll as part of a special request from one of our bookkeeping clients. Customer Service is exceptional. I just wish and hope that their Customer Service Center is open up to about 6pm PST. We are located here at the West Coast (PST zone). Recommendations to other buyers: Customer service center to cater to west coast clients - try to open at least until 6pm PST."
Cecilia Chung, at CMC Legacy Group LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Software is so easy to use. Easy to edit any information that is input. Received a call from customer support a couple hours after signing up for the 30 day trial just to see how it was going! No pushy salesman...just letting us know that they were there to help. We were still doing payroll on Excel spreadsheets and just needed an easier way to keep records. This is exactly what we needed! So glad for the Basic Payroll so that we can still file our own taxes...but the option is there for upgrade if we want Patriot to do them for us. Very reasonably priced services...very pleased!"
Jennifer Hay, at Hay's Tire LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Best Commercial I ever took advantage of! When I bought my first business this company saved me time and money. I would recommend Patriot to all of my business owners in my network."
Trey Goss, at Ellipse Fitness Neenah, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I like how simple it is to use this product. I like how easy it is to get in touch with customer service and how much help they were to me. Cons: The only con I could say is that it took me a little to understand which of the services was the best for my specific business. Overall: I have only been using the service for one day but it seems incredible easy and simple to use. The costumer service walked me through very quickly everything I needed to know."
Chris Perruso, at CAP Organization, Courtesy of Capterra

"This is the first year I have need of payroll software and after exploring other options found this to be the best, most economical, easy and accurate. No issues whatsoever. As our company grows it will be invaluable to us."
Oralia Diaz, at Diaz Tax and Insurance, Courtesy of Capterra

"Takes the burden out of having employees. Looked everywhere for a company to ease the burden of hiring and maintaining employees payroll and tax software. This one is great and has done the trick!"
Matt Grams, at Arizona Olive Oil Co., Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Only took a few minutes to set up and takes very little effort each payroll period. Cons: No complaints. Overall: I am a household employer and tried setting up payroll on my own to save a little money. This turned out to be a ridiculous amount of work. Then I found Patriot Software and their full service payroll solution. The very reasonable price for the service was more than worthwhile. Now each payroll takes me less than 60 seconds!"
Davin Baker, at Baker Strategies, Courtesy of Capterra

"I have liked everything about this payroll company so far. I previously used another company and they weren't paying my taxes on time or filing my reports."
Tamara Cowen, at Caroline Colt Company, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Great price, great value. Cons: The software doesn't have an app, but can be used on any device. Overall: As soon as I signed up I had somebody contact me that day to walk me through the service, to make sure that they answered any questions that I had. The software was very easy to use and I'm not a computer genius. Would definitely recommend it for anyone. Recommendations to other buyers: Try it first for free."
Jackson Junker, at Junker Fitness LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Too good to be true, but absolutely comes through! Pros: Price, ease of use, unlimited payroll runs, and excellent customer service! Cons: Some features are hard to locate because of how embedded they are. Overall: This software is the same as Benefit Mall or Paychecks, both of whom we have used for our payroll. The only difference is that instead of calling or emailing hours into a team member you enter the hours in yourself. It's incredibly easy and the customer support is very helpful. Recommendations to other buyers: Sign up now, you will not regret it!"
Seth Morsey, at Seth T. Morsey, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy and positive experience with employees. Overall: So easy! Helpful and knowledgeable employees. Each time I reached out to Patriot, I was working with cheerful and friendly workers."
Terri Villalva, at Tocoi Engineering, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Very easy to use. Cons: No complaints so far. Overall: This program is very easy to use and saves me so much time each month! The few times any (minor) issues have arisen, customer service is always eager and successful in helping me correct it."
Jade Jones, at Heritage Medical & Wellness, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Very easy to use. Cons: None. Overall: Very convenient way to do payroll! Would refer this software to anyone! It doesn't give me a headache, they pretty much do all the work. Recommendations to other buyers: None."
Gabrielle Trevino, at The Blue Roze, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: It's saved me more time and headache. I used to try and run this on my own. What a mess. I just figured any payroll service would be cost prohibitive. But, no. Patriot's software is simply fantastic. It's well-organized, simple and easy-to-use. Cons: I've simply not found anything I've had a problem with. Like anything new, it took me a bit of time to find my way around the site, but now run a payroll in like 30 seconds. Not a joke. Overall: My old business partner and good friend suggested I use Patriot software when we hired our nanny. There are a lot nanny payroll services out there, but I thought i could handle it on my own. Well, until I started using Patriot, it was a nightmare. I'm not kidding. As a self-employed individual, I'm pretty savvy when it comes to managing accounting. But, the payroll stuff has always made me cringe. That is, until i started using Patriot's basic level software. I now run my payroll on my mobile phone. What!!! amazing."
Thomas Menke, at Nanny, Courtesy of Capterra

"I like the fact that you can instantly get in contact with a rep via chat. It is a lot less time than I would get over the phone."
Daniela Sawyer, at OCIS, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy to use, always available to help through email or the chat, great price. Cons: Wish business hours for the chat were 24/7 although the current hours are great still! Overall: Very help with any question I have about payroll and taxes! Great business hours to speak to a representative, and they answer quickly. Recommendations to other buyers: Don't be afraid to ask any questions through the chat they answer quickly."
Kenal Ortega, at KNS Services Corp., Courtesy of Capterra

"Simple, headache-free payroll for busy office managers. Pros: It is very intuitive and simple. There are enough options and features to enable the payroll systems to function the way I want them to, but just enough features that I don't need any extra training to use this software efficiently. Cons: I really have no complaints. It's not an aesthetically pleasing interface, but I'm happy to trade that for the quality I get for the low price. Overall: I love how simple and intuitive Patriot is. I have alot to think about everyday as the office manager of a solo attorney law office, including bookkeeping, billing clients, performing the duties of a legal assistant and other office tasks. I'm glad I can rely on Patriot to calculate and pay taxes and file my tax documents so I don't have to juggle all the due dates doing it manually would entail. Recommendations to other buyers: Take advantage of the demo offered by Patriot to get familiar with the functionality before signing up. That way you can use it efficiently from day one. Also, take advantage of the free payroll setup the company offers."
Shannon Bronico, at Law Office of KW, Courtesy of Capterra

"After running one payroll I already feel like my money is definitely worth it for this software!!!! it is SO EASY!!!! I can not stress that enough. Way better than PAYCHEX and WAY less complicated. Easy to navigate. I love the tutorial videos. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SOFTWARE FOR ANY SMALL BUSINESS!!!!"
Norma Thayer, at Manila Bay Ihaw-Ihaw, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: The ease of use, and the value. Compared to some of the bigger providers, Patriot cannot be beat. Excited to process payrolls again! Overall: I just signed up with Patriot and I am so excited to start using it. I have worked with other payroll companies in the past and just cruising around the dashboard was refreshing."
Kerry Shepherd, at Shepherd Bookkeeping and Consulting, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: The ease of use and the control of the data you input, also the support, oh yea and the price. Cons: None. Overall: Well i could not get quick books to activate my payroll through their online accounting software I use and it was taking weeks and weeks and their support did nothing nor tell me nothing, so I had payroll companies calling me and i did not like the prices then I heard about Patriot on a talk radio commercial on my way home from work searched it out on the net and bang its the biggest bang for the bucks. Recommendations to other buyers: Get it use it."
Jeffery Spellman, at Corinthian Tile & Stone, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I like that I can do all my payroll myself. I am the only employee, so I don't have a complicated system. I've been doing my payroll taxes "the hard way", lots of things to file, lots of mistakes and hours of work! This has saved me tons of time and I am confident that it's being done right. Cons: I do feel nervous about having funds taken out of my bank, but the benefits outweigh this. Overall: I called customer service to help me set up my tax filing, and only waited a minute or two, then someone who spoke regular English answered and in a few minutes, I was done and my form was complete. Very easy, knowledgeable support. Recommendations to other buyers: I started with the lower plan and upgraded. If I were to do this again, I would start with the more comprehensive plan and just get everything set up right from the beginning."
Trinity Clancy, at Infinity Insurance Strategies, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"I just finished my first payroll and Patriot was very easy to use. I'm hoping that it will continue to be as simple as it was today!"
Lisa Chesley, at Chesley Law Firm, Courtesy of Capterra


"Pros: Cost, ease of use. Cons: Nothing really. Overall: We were using Paychex and paying triple what we do with Patriot Software for something that we had much less control over. Thoroughly satisfied customer here. Recommendations to other buyers: Make direct deposit easier to set up maybe."
Aaron Krahling, at Vita Haus LLC, Courtesy of Capterra


"Pros: Cost is fantastic. Free set up help was great. Easy to use. Cons: No way to send funds to 401k. I wish there had been a way to easily transfer info from my previous service provider- I had to chase a lot of info down. Overall: A few hiccups during set up but all worked out. I wish they had the ability to send funds to our separate 401k. Also, set up of direct deposit could be a little more clear. But value for money knocks the minor problems out of mind."
Jennifer Elmquist, at Jennifer's Wee Care, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Its very easy to use and the help screens are great. Excellent customer service so far. Cons: None so far. Overall: We are a small business and this software is allowing us to do professional payroll without having to hire a company to do it for us or having to do it by hand ourselves. The help screens are wonderfully helpful (unlike some I've used with other software) and the online chat works great. They were very responsive to my questions. Recommendations to other buyers: We are very happy with it so far."
Tricia Havis, at Associated Background Check, Courtesy of Capterra

"So Simple My Dog Could Do It. Pros: Easy, simple, user-friendly, perfect for my small business. Cons: Yet to be determined. None, I hope! Overall: Setting up this software for my business could not have been easier or simpler. They provide easy to follow steps and have everything a business owner needs to run their business correctly. Recommendations to other buyers: Just use it!"
Mark Gundlach, at OnYourMark Svc / dba Gundlach , Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy to use. Price. Cons: Lack of HR integration. Difficult to follow the reports. Customer service is not very good. Overall: Overall the software is easy to use and does basic payroll processing. Value is great as far as what you get for the price. However, if you are looking to grow and want to integrate more advanced HR features, this software is not for you. Customer service is not very helpful. Had issues with a tax filing and I kept being transferred back and forth and my issue is still not resolved!"
Enrique Narvaez, at Power Alliance, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Smooth transition from other service to Patriot. Pros: User friendly software with very strong Customer Service support during set up and after set up! Easy to use. Cons: Set up was a bit challenging but this may have been from my lack on knowledge in the payroll field. Patriot's Customer Service was always very helpful and patient during this process. Overall: Processing payroll is a breeze!"
Melinda Brown, at Afshin Parhiscar, MD, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I like the customer support. I like being able to call them to ask a question and they answer the question. I like the ease of using the product. Overall: It makes my payroll easy. I was able to hire and pay an employee without having an HR department."
Erin Downs, at Erin A. Downs, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"This software is very easy to use, and provides great value to my company. Pros: The payroll and tax reporting and flexibility is great, overall simplicity is wonderful. The system is very easy to use. Cons: A bit of a process was involved in transitioning from the old servicing company was a bit of a process. Overall: There was a huge cost savings."
Steven Haynes, at S H Haynes & Associates, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: This software is a great value for the cost. Setting up the software only took 10 minutes. The ease of use in great! Anyone can run payroll without having any knowledge of payroll or payroll taxes. Customer service also reached out to me and were very professional and made me feel comfortable to contact them at any time! I will definitely recommend this product! Cons: The payroll reports are very simple. Which works, however, it would be nice to have more reporting options. Overall: Payroll processing has never been easier. Patriot makes processing payroll a process without the headaches. Their customer service staff is also very helpful and professional."
Melinda Vosburgh, at Vosmil Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I like the fact that once you enter all the employee information all you have to do for future payroll is enter the hours worked. Cons: I think that some of the drop down buttons may be harder for some users to find. Maybe layout differently? Overall: Ease of payroll and tax payments."
Jolyn Hughes, at Jo's Cleaning, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I'm not one who enjoys setup, paperwork, or computers - Patriot Software made is easy as possible. I recommend this software. Cons: This isn't an instant setup. It will take a week or so for all the systems to be put in place. Make sure to account for this..."
Kase Knochenhauer, at RE/MAX, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: The software is very easy to use and customer service answers questions promptly. It is easy to get a hold of a real live customer service rep. Cons: Set up seems daunting for someone who is not familiar with payroll lingo, but customer service is there to help. Overall: cheaper fees"
Jose Cintron, at Occasions By Cintron, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: 1. This product is easy to use. 2. Patriot has great customer service and has resolved any issues quickly. 3. Good price for the product. Cons: I would like the program to total the net pay and and taxes in the summary when I run a new payroll. Overall: Great product for easy, quick and accurate payroll."
Matt Solomon, at Solomon Guitar Studio, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: The service is very easy to use and is less expensive than other comparable programs. After switching from Paychex, our payroll processing costs were reduced by half. Cons: We still cannot figure out how to have direct deposit activated so it would be nice if that was something that the company took care of themselves instead of having you set it up."
Aaron Krahling, at Vita Haus LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: That I can do it from anywhere and they have direct deposit for free!! If you're looking for the best payroll try it out!!"
Jackson Junker, at Junker Fitness LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Product is very user friendly. It has cut my payroll preparation time in half every two weeks. I don't know how I functioned without it! Overall: Quicker and easiest payroll process."
Jadrienne Jones, at Heritage Medical & Wellness, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Very user friendly. Clear layout. If you need assistance, associates are very quick to guide and help. Cons: In the reports, you need to be in the PAYROLL tab to access the Reports. I would like to be able to access from the Dashboard as well. Overall: Ease of PR. More time to perform other tasks."
Terri Villalva, at Tocoi Engineering, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Once my new employee commented the employee portal is very impressive, I knew I made the right decision. And on the employer side of things - once setup is complete -Patriot Software is easy use. The Patriot Software customer service team is outstanding and Patriot Software makes my payroll easy. Cons: The set up took time with lots of paperwork, which can't be avoided. However, the Patriot Software customer service team was very helpful when I had questions. I also had a "hiccup" when I tried to run my first payroll due to an error on my part, but Patriot Software pointed out the error and helped me fix it so I was able to run payroll a few minutes later. Overall: Patriot Software takes the pressure off so I can run my business and not worry about the tedious details of payroll."
REBECCA WILSON, at Excellent Vacations Travel Service, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy to use. Customer service is great. Would definitely recommend for any small business. Great value. Cons: I wish the payroll report would break out the hourly employees from the salaried employees. Overall: Low cost and time saving operations."
Lanier Scruggs, at HMS3, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Clean and simple interface. It was a reasonably small software install and doesn't seem to be a resource hog. The setup was a breeze. The support (due to my error) was so quick and helpful I was amazed. Overall: I'm pleased with this software after using QuickBooks both from a personal and financial perspective. It's easier to use and takes less time and it's costing me $75-100 less per year with more features. It's a win-win for us!"
Ralph Phares, at New Hope Christian Church, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: The price is great and the software is so easy to use. I would recommend to any small business because it has everything needed all on one interface. Overall: It streamlined my invoicing and payroll. Its nice to have everything in one place and you don't need training in order to use it."
John Hickman, at Helping Hearts Home Care LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: It's easy to use and payroll literally takes only minutes to complete each week. Worth every penny to ensure our payroll taxes are accurately computed and filed. Cons: Set up is easy though it required a few tweaks from the default settings regarding payment and filing of state employer payroll taxes. Overall: Ease of use and peace of mind knowing our payroll taxes are accurately computed, paid and filed."
Miles Bielec, at Smuggler's Cove Provision Co. LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Customer service is very prompt and knowledgeable. Cost is light-years better than any competitor. So far, so good! Cons: I wish that their portal was slightly easier to navigate, but their online help section is very useful when something is hard to find. Overall: Great, full-service payroll at a fantastic price."
Jason Moore, at Coast Family Acupuncture, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: It's super easy to use, process on your own schedule, reports are easy to read, the customer service is very friendly and helpful, and the price is really reasonable! Overall: I can control all of my employees' info, I can process payroll when I need to and it is very reasonably priced!"

"Pros: friendly user Cons: has not calendar setup or reminder, but still great Overall: easy"
Goldy Weinstock, at Benepass, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: friendly user Cons: has not calendar setup or reminder, but still great Overall: easy"
Goldy Weinstock, at Benepass, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I love how quick and easy it is to pay employees through this software. It's faster than doing a wire transfer online! And, I love the chat feature because I get answers to all of my questions within seconds! Overall: the price is amazing, other places were so much more money while offering the same products!"
Paige Bouma, at Human Capital Solutions, Courtesy of Capterra

"It was all good until I received a delinquency notice from the tax office. Pros: I used to have my accountant do payroll taxes for me, so I was very nervous when I switched to Patriot. Their customer service helped me set everything up and assured everything looked correct. They also followed up two months later and confirmed everything was set up correctly. Cons: After triple checking with their customer service and making sure everything was "set up correctly", I submitted my first quarterly payroll in April. And in May I received a delinquency notice from the tax office telling me I didn't submit my first quarterly payroll tax. I called Patriot and found out they had submitted my payment as the second quarterly payroll tax. Imagine my shock that after triple checking with the customer support during the set up stage, Patriot now admits, yes, sometimes there can be the confusions about the filing period, and that they charge to re-file the first quarter for me. Either that, or I can try to call the IRS to get them to waive the penalty. The rep I talked to on the phone was very nice, but it would be much nicer if they would fix the problem without trying to charge me more."
Molly Chen, at MuYin Jewelry, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: The software is super easy to use-- but if I ever have any questions it's super easy to talk to someone at customer service and they are always friendly and always answer my question efficiently and effectively."
Anna Baker, at ChattaNeuter, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: They take care of payroll, direct deposit which my employees love, and all my tax filings for a fraction of the price i was paying before. Cons: The initial setup is somewhat labor intensive. There are numerous steps and verification processes, but once it is complete things run smoothly. Overall: Less work for me to worry about."
Jordan Shakespeare, at Shakespeare Oilfield Service LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: The thing I like most about this software is the price. I was unable to get my past software company to match or even get close to the price Patriot quoted. Overall: I am very happy that the small price includes filing the payroll returns as well as making sure the payroll taxes get paid electronically on time."
Cindi Maher, at Michael Roston, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: It is so easy to use. You simply pull up your employees names and put in their hours and you are done. They take care of paying your payroll taxes and it is one less thing you have to worry about. I love it. Overall: I love how quick and easy it is to do my payroll. I am extremely busy and I need things to be easy in my life. I literally can do my payroll in about 10 mins. Love the product!! I honestly can not think of anything. The only thing that would have made this easier is if they could know all my info and set it up. Ha! Ha! They were extremely helpful in all areas I was confused about. So honestly I could not think of a negative thing about this company."
Darla Cole, at Cute and Trendy Consignment, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Website is professional, clean and pleasing interface and easy to use. All the information you need to set everything up is right there. Never had to call CS but did email once with a minor issue and it was resolved quickly and easily. Once set up, running payroll is a breeze. Price is competitive, one of the lowest, with awesome reviews to back it up and a full set of features and services. New user but very happy so far. Cons: Set up takes a while especially if setting up direct deposit. Once set up though it's a breeze. There are some taxes that they do not file so we still have to do some of them. I don't know if this is because of our state laws or what. Other than that, really good so far. Overall: Payroll processing. Direct deposit. Filing taxes (not all)."
Valerie Lagason, Safe Ship of Las Vegas, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Very easy to use program. The interface is pretty easy to follow and it is self-explanatory. I like the software."
Aly Choi, at Choi Law Firm, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: They are always available, give efficient answers to all questions. Very user friendly, American based. Overall: We wish we would have found it sooner! We have been with a less than satisfactory company and Patriot Software has proven to be the exact opposite!"
Gary Mosley, at Eagle Point Accounting & Tax, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy to use, friendly customer service, and a great value. Love the tax service saved on having to have an accountant. Cons: The check layout is the only thing I did not like. I tried it every way optional and still do not like how it prints the check. Overall: I know longer have to use my accountant or worry about the incorrect taxes being deducted."
Lesa Frye, at Helping Hands Chiropratic, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Simple and easy to run pay roll and direct deposit feature is awesome. Website is easy to navigate and file all the taxes for you. Employee has their own portal to track their pay stub which eliminates the time for management. Cons: This product is not available in apps which would have avoid the time to be in office to run payroll."
Diwash Pokharel, at American Care Home LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I run a simple payroll for a household employee and Patriot does the job. It was a little tricky to set up, but customer service helped walk me through it. Cons: Set up was tricky but customer service helped me through it. The direct deposit process involved lots of steps to set up. Give yourself at least a week before running your first payroll."
Sam Low, Abercrombie & Fitch, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: This software is so easy to use. I was hesitant to switch from our payroll company, but now all the guesswork is taken out. For a much smaller fee, I get the exact same service and features. Plus, free direct deposit! Cons: Set up is very in depth so it can be time consuming and overwhelming to a new business owner who may be unfamiliar with tax info. However, the customer service is tops and patiently answers any questions to help along the way. Overall: Ease of use and peace of mind."
Jodie Sussan, at Boulevard Bistro, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Its Easy to Use that's for sure and there's so much information available on your website that keeps me wanting to come on back. Cons: Would be nice if customer support would be more responsive but overall they are helpful and can guide you through things if needed. Overall: I save about 50% of fees then if I were to use an accountant to do it for me."
Tim Duong, at Amy's Nails Bar, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy to set up. Exceptional customer support. Tremendous value for the money. Patriot takes care of recording, collecting, depositing and paying all payroll taxes. The quick response of customer support to all questions. Cons: Would like to have customer service available for evening hours and some weekend hours. Would like to be able to speak directly with the tax department. Overall: Eliminated hours and hours of tax work. Simplified reporting of employees work hours. Made payroll and time and attendance very easy."
Tom Heys, at Kava Haus, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I love the price. I am now getting used to the software and the ease of use is improving. I suppose if one already understood payroll, this software would be a breeze. Thank goodness for the online chat support! They are always a big help. Cons: I am brand new at being an employer that uses payroll, so I personally experienced some difficulty using/understanding the software. Now that I'm getting used to all of this, it's getting much easier. Overall: Cost more than anything...but I also understand payroll a little bit better now too, so that's a good thing."
Natalie Wiser, at Help You Move, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I loved that everything was so easy to set up and so easy to start using. They asked me to send them reports of a few different things and got everything all set up for me. It was so easy and they were so helpful! Cons: That there is no gps on their time system . We would utilize a gps with time clock in and out maybe on an app of some sort. Also if I could give my sales and other associates access to invoicing without having to have my login and password for full access to everything. Overall: Accounting, ease of use, much cheaper than what we are paying now, and no hidden fees. The service is absolutely amazing."
Brooke St John, at Speed King Signs Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I like the ease that the software has - also the staff are at your disposal during office hours - an actual person answers the phone and stays with you until you are satisfied with the results - great service. Overall: All of my payroll needs are taken care of by this software - it is easy to use and the staff are ready to help you as you need them to. Nothing thus far all is working great - staff all works well - very happy with services - they are ready to serve you."
Jaime Santiago, at Healing Internal Ministries LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: We are a small company and just hired our first two employees. I did payroll the first week using the charts and figures from the State and IRS, and I spent three solid days working on only that! It is crazy how the government thinks a small business can afford to do their own payroll task and stay up to date on all changes, what a stressful time it was! Cons: The wait on the phone for customer service, I've hang up a couple of times from waiting to just have the phone call answered."
Eugenio Arranz, at Duck Crossing Farm, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Ease of use when running my monthly payroll and the quality of the customer service representatives who have helped me with set up and ongoing questions. Cons: Not always easy to find what I'm looking for in the reports - probably because I'm not a payroll person."
Ann Bartelstein, at Ann Bartelstein LMFT, Inc, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I love how easy it is to use. Payroll only takes me about 10 min. It is also very affordable for a small business."
Carsten Withrow, at Nightingale Care Homes, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Good platform. Easy to add companies and employees. Running payrolls is pretty simple. Check printing is easy to use. Cons: Natpay and setting up Direct Deposit is a pain. A lot of hoops to jump through and definitely not as user friendly and seamless as using intuit. Also, if you are an accountant they do not have a branded platform so your client will know they are using Patriot so it doesn't work for contracted payroll. Overall: Good product and features for the price paid."
Jay Millard, at Millard Advisors, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I like how the user interface flows. Once you watch the videos and trainings on how to use it, it is no longer confusing."
Holly Stauffer, at Bailey Bookkeeping Solutions, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I've been over the moon excited about the customer service. I called them when I initially set up and they were very helpful. And I've called them twice regarding the direct deposit (which by the way is free!). They have been, knowledgeable, patient and super accommodating. I just got off the phone with them and the representative was so excellent that I just had to take a second to write a review. Cons: It would be even nicer if the minimal fees would also allow employees to login and submit their time on their own via the employee portal. But that is a tiny bit more money. Overall: Free direct deposit. Auto generated payroll tax filings. Overview of what is needed to maintain a payroll in my state."
Karen Quinlan, at PCSA Pool, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: That every time I have a question, the payroll software team gets back to me as soon as they possibly can. Which is typically with minutes. Overall: I can submit my payroll anywhere which is amazing, along with I pay my employees different ways and the software is adaptable to fit what I was looking for."
Jackson Junker, at Junker Fitness, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I would highly recommend Patriot Software to small business users. The software is very easy to use. I am able to quickly generate reports. Customer support is great- they are quick and efficient. Cons: If the software was mobile optimized it would help a lot. Also, the check printing feature, I wish it had different layouts. I really do not like the current ones."
Diana Morado, at D&J Tree Planting, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy to use and keep track of liabilities, expenses, and all the assets of my own Bookkeeping Business."
Holly Bailey, at Bailey Bookkeeping Solutions, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Ease of use. Navigating the site is very very simple. You are setup to win every time you log in. I use the site 2 times a month and forget every time how to use it. When I log on, it flashes right back to the front of my memory. By far the easiest and most simple software I have used to date. I have spoken to customer service once, and they were very kind, very explanatory and helped me resolve my issue the first time I called without any fuss. Cons: I wish customer service was open 24/7. That is it. Aside from that I cannot find anything else that I do not like about this product. Overall: The ease of being able to do my payroll and knowing a company that will back me if anything goes wrong."
Matthew Powell, at Meticulous Construction, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: In all my research for payroll software this is the most affordable and easy to use. Its easy to move around the software and print pay stubs. Cons: We started with basic and it a little confusing when trying to upgrade in order for them to pay our payroll taxes. Overall: Patriot Payroll has saved us money and headaches from trying to process payroll on our own. In all my research for payroll software this is the most affordable and easy to use. Its easy to move around the software and print pay stubs."
Grace Three Eagles, at 3E Construction Services, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Very easy to use, allows employees to enter their own time, cheaper and easier than QB, saves me tons of time every month. Cons: You cannot make direct deposits to 1099 contractors (you can issue checks). I wish the whole system was integrated into one place instead of having to also set things up with NatPay. Overall: Huge time saving! Saves tons of time from the days of hand writing checks and doing the books myself."
Brad Evans, at Pathfinders Counseling and Consulting, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Guided setup was a breeze and just ran my first payroll in 2 minutes. As a 30-year HR/Payroll ERP software engineer, I'm impressed with Patriot Software and can see myself using the product for all of my businesses!"
Shawn Bendig, at Stonehedge Golf Course, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I am happy that I can do a lot with this product and saves me time then having to write out checks and keep track of payroll taxes. And it is nice to be able to pull up reports of all the payroll transactions in the past. Cons: I had a little delay with getting the net pay setup but it was able to be done at the end which i am now happy about. Overall: Saves time, good price, easy to use."
Paul Cannon, at Pathway Vending Services LLC., Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I like the ease of set up. I like the available hints. I like the availability of the customer support. The setup check off list helped me immensely! I'm thoroughly enjoying using this software! Overall: Ease of processing payroll for my company and employees."
Kausha Edwards, at Trinity 1st, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: The support team is very helpful. They are very patient to answer my questions, and very knowledgeable. Cons: You have to finish your payroll in the month it happens. If you do it in the following month, even though it is not due until the 15th, they will charge you a fee to change it."
Biaodeng Zheng, at LOXX HAIR USA LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Cost is so important in this economy and this software is very low cost which means more money to my business. Cons: It can be difficult to easily locate what you are looking for. A lot of subfolders and trial and error. Overall: Low cost and easy to use"
Natalie Wiser, at Help You Move, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Patriot assisted with getting our company set up on their payroll system and ensured we had all the help and answers we needed along the way. Cons: No complaints so far. It does take some time to get everything in place to be ready to run the first payroll, but that is expected with any company."
Adrea Weaver, at Procure Trading LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: The staff are very friendly. Every time I called or emailed tem they got back to me very fast. Very nice also. Cons: I wished they had a cell phone app, it would be nice to be able to run payroll from your phone when on job site. Overall: Very fast and easy to use."
Everett Trogdon, at Trogdon Enterprises LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: The online chat, they are quick to respond and always courteous, willing to gather all necessary info. Cons: Nothing as yet, I am very satisfied with the product ............................................... Overall: Ease of all of my employee info in one spot"
Ellen Taylor, at Golden Rule Personal Care Home, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: They handle everything for me. I don't have to do anything except input the hours my employees work. They completely handle the rest. Cons: It took quite a bit of time to get set up and started, but once everything was ready and I learned how to use it, it's been a breeze ever since."
Ashley Ray, at Simplicity and Co, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Very easy to use. Allows me to complete payroll in a fraction of the time compared to QB and at a much lower price. No initial cost for software, just usage. Cons: Inability to add 1099 employees easily to the payroll system. This would absolutely allow me to rate this product 5 stars across the board with this simple addition. Overall: Easy to use payroll system with automated tax reporting and filing."
Brad Evans, at Pathfinders Counseling and Consulting, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I love how quick and easy it is to use and how as a small business we can finally offer direct deposit. It's been a breeze from setup to the normal day to day use. Patriot is very user friendly. Overall: Now our small family owned business can have direct deposit and qualify for bank bonuses."
Mark Morr, at Mowing & Morr, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: That it's very easy to understand, it's not complicated, and everything you need to run a successful business. The price was also very affordable, I thought that was a plus. Has customer support to help you set up if you need help. I love that it has lots of features that I needed in one place so I don't have to have several softwares. Overall: I loved all the features this fotware has, it's great. I will tell my business associates about this software."
Shannon Mossner, at Baileys and Associates, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Within seconds of the first time on the site I was able to navigate and view all the information I was looking for. Very user friendly. Overall: I am able to view all my payroll status prior to payday."
Pamela Davis, at Pathfinders Counseling and Consulting, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Like that can see everything regarding payroll details, account for all payroll checks, can see how payroll being delivered and when. Cons: Have not used software for to long but realize somethings are hard to move around to find that you are needing. Overall: Knowledge and visual of payroll details, convenient."
Jean Close, at Pathfinders Counseling and Consulting, Courtesy of Capterra

"Comments: I am glad I tried it! I spent some time doing research and find your software just perfect for the small payroll I am doing and I would definitely use it again in assisting other small businesses with their payroll needs. Thank you! Pros: The software is intuitive - screens are easy to navigate. It appears to have been developed to be as straight-forward as possible, so even those with little experience should find it easier than they imagined to process their own payroll. There are very good references for all your payroll questions. Again, I like how straight-forward it is to find that info within the program's library of information, and the links embedded within the easy to understand documents make is super easy to source additional information and documents, if you would like to do so. I hadn't processed payroll in several years, and this program made it so very simple to set-up a company for payroll, and start processing right away. The introductory offer provides additional value to the already very reasonable monthly rate. There is also an adequate library of payroll and tax reports that makes handling your account 'manually' easy and effective. Cons: Residing on the West Coast, I suppose the hours of your customer service would be the area I would like to see improved upon. It would be nice to have access to customer service up to at least 6pm Pacific Standard Time."
Darcy Carozza, at Darcy Carozza Business Services, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Extremely easy user interface. Excellent customer support that allows you to talk directly with a knowledgeable person and not being placed on hold for excessive times. Very inexpensive for all the services you receive. Can be accessed from any computer at home, work or on vacation using MAC or Windows."
John Keller, at John A Keller CRNA PSC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Comments: Cannot process one-time payroll deductions. Cannot undo payroll (that need to be undone because of the deduction issue). Have to manually delete pay stubs one-by-one. Deleted pay still shows on YTD calculations. Pros: The price is justifiable considering the product received. It's inexpensive and apparently works with Quickbooks Cons: The functionality is severely lacking and the customer service associates lack depth of knowledge to provide a suitable resolution for issues. Simple functions are made far too difficult."
Amber Luna, at Pure Tan, Courtesy of Capterra

"Comments: Support is really great. Pros: Easy instructions and form fill out plus online tutorials to really learn the product. Great staff in chat."
Donna Craig, at Cooper Legal Firm, Courtesy of Capterra

"Comments: Highly recomended. Pros: The customer service was exceptional and they helped me set up our full account. The software is simple to use and I am very satisfied with this product. Great value."
David Nicosia, at Daycare & Preschool, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: It is easy to set up with help from the service. So helpful and made it so easy to work with it. Payroll is not a dreaded item anymore. I love the direct deposit aspect so I don't have to figure out how much is due and when it is due. This service is reasonably priced and is not over designed to make it so vast that reading the menu is as much work as doing the payroll by hand. Overall: Relief of all the following, have I done all the filings on time, is it all complete or did I forget something, is this on file now for my insurance company needs. I no longer worry about these items."
James Long, at James M. Long and Sons, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Ease of use UI is great, easy to use and follow pricing and features for the pricing...with more to come!! Cons: Unable to think of any at the moment as this software is well thought out, well laid out and priced appropriately."
William Hutchins, at Hutch & Co. Financial Solutions, Courtesy of Capterra

"Comments: If you are on the fence, sign up for the trial and see how it works for your business. Pros: They handle the tax filings and payments for you. Easy to make changes to pay rates and employee information. Free Direct Deposit option. Customer service representatives are knowledgeable and easy to deal with when needed. Cons: Printing checks requires you to download a file then print it. A minor point of annoyance, and that may be too strong an adjective for it, however, I think it would be nice to print from the online portal with an option to store a backup of the payroll run locally."
Micah Purdie, Onyx Contracting and Consulting Incorporated, Courtesy of Capterra

"Why didn't I know about this software before now?! Pros: Very user friendly, excellent customer service, and it just makes processing PR a breeze! I would absolutely recommend this software to anyone. Cons: If there was any negative at all, and this is not that big of a deal, is that I wish direct deposit could process quicker."
Kelli Schlegel, at Potter Motor Company, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"As a novice business owner, it puts my mind at ease knowing that my tax obligations are up to date. Pros: This software was easy to use and meets the needs of my payroll services. The customer service was the best! I called several times within a few minutes and they all were very professional and helpful. Cons: I hate having to pay extra for additional employees. But due to the fact that I never researched how other accounting/payroll companies operate, I assume that this is standard procedure. Overall: My mind is at ease knowing that my tax and payroll obligations are taken care of."
Michelle Trice, Academics-1st, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I really loved that they handled all of my payroll taxes for me. I did not have to worry about that at all!"
Nikole Hayes, at Southside Comminuty Development Corporation, Courtesy of Capterra

"Right out the gate the customer service has been tops. Pros: I need to hit a price point and this company served it up right on the mark. Great price for service provided. Cons: I am finding some reports are not printable like the tax collection report. Forced to save a screen shot instead. Overall: Customer support has been very helpful. I am still getting to know the program but so far it delivers what I need."

"Pros: The ease of setup and use! I can print the tax reports within minutes! I can complete weekly payroll in minutes! Overall: It cut my time spent in the office greatly! The time sheets are easy for the employees to read and understand. Monthly and quarterly taxes come out to the penny!"
Lori Hughes, at Timber Haven Bar and Grill, Courtesy of Capterra

"Really easy to setup and get started with Patriot Software. Pros: The ease of functionality when working with the software. This system is easy to navigate and get started with."
Scott Snyder, at Responsive Solutions Web Hosting and Design, Courtesy of Capterra

"Comments: I wouldn't use any other software and I have used the companies like ADP and online programs. This is the best out there. Pros: Patriot is really a good option to the big payroll companies. It is easy to use, easily customizable and you don't have to pay for things you aren't going to use!"
Roscoe Smith, at Il Mo Management, Courtesy of Capterra

"Comments: Overall I am loving this services. Continue the good work! Pros: I am using these services for my small business. I found this is the best price and best customer service available in US. Cons: I think they support few integration including their own accounting SAS accounting software but it would be nice if you could support more Integration with other accounting services including wave."
Hari Neupane, at COVEYCHAT INC., Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: It was easy to set up the payroll with very little additional help needed. Customer support chat online is a great feature. Cons: Not being able to change payroll deductions by "pennies" without having to cancel the payroll and adjust it in employee info."
Tina Catalano, at Wilkes Energy Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"Comments: Any cons I have for this software are not an issue for the average consumer. Pros: Great customer service and technical support is top priority for me and it's excellent with Patriot Software. I have a small business doing bookkeeping for several companies. Many different needs. Patriot Software does a great job of walking me through it. Much cheaper than quickbooks payroll. Cons: If you have employees that have more than one hourly rate, Patriot Software is unable to accommodate that. You can add additional pay as a bulk amount, but it's a little more cumbersome that way."
Jeanne Nolan, at Jeanne L. Nolan Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"As I'm doing payroll for three companies thus far, it has been pretty good. Pros: The software is very user friendly. The calculations are down to the penny, very accurate. The format is one where it said Joy to use. The summaries and various worksheets you can print very helpful. Cons: In the age of identity in the past this is always a concern. However this site is Ultra-encrypted, as I understand A great piece of advice for any CPA firm or accounting firm is to simply make sure they get cyber insurance. Overall: A great vehicle to give my 1040 business another stream of income."
Scott Rogers, at Jesters Tax Service, Courtesy of Capterra

"Setup was clear and easy, everything is simple and detailed. Pros: Everything payroll related is in one space, it's easy to use and the costumer service is the best bar none."
Mushka Weiss, at Dever Pest Control, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot Software solved payroll and tax issues, saving me time and money! Pros: The Patriot staff was EXCEPTIONAL! They were patient, instructive and insightful. They handled all the questions I had and taught me things I would have learned the hard way. Overall: The software and support staff saved me time and money, at the moment of payroll creation and in tax issues in the long run."
Tim O'Brien, at Tim O'Brien Baseball Camps LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Patriot Payroll couldn't be easier to use and has saved my business a ton of money! Pros: Easy to use, low cost and accurate. I wish someone had pointed out Patriot Payroll when we first started out instead of using a brand name payroll service that was so expensive. They have excellent customer support and I have never had to wait to get a knowledgable support person on the phone to help me. Overall: Low cost and so easy to use. Every chamber of commerce should include their information to new businesses."
Brett Wise, at Veritas National Field Service, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy to use. Good support. Takes care of tax filings. Makes doing my payroll simple. I would recommend it to anyone who has a small business."
Judy Colwell, Westport Senior Citizens Center, Courtesy of Capterra

"My days of taking hours to figure payroll is now a breeze with Patriot Payroll. Comments: I really like the ease of use. Only once have I used customer service and they were friendly and very helpful. Pros: Patriot Payroll is user-friendly to the max. Each part is clearly labeled and easy to access. I can always find what I need. Cons: I found that some of the reports, the state and federal reports, do not fill in all of the information for me. I have to fill in before I send it to the proper venue."
Cyd Allred, at First Choice Financial Planning, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy to use, and online customer help/chat support. Also, they allow one to self service or Patriot can do the work for you. Cons: Not able to directly enter payroll data such as withholding taxes . The program has a built-in features that computes the taxes according to IRS guidelines. Overall: The ease of use. Friendly, and helpful customer services. The ability to do the work myself or utilize Patriot Full Service."
Rochelle Gross, at Successful Strategies Unlimited, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy to use, well guided, and friendly professional assistance. Easy printing and help is always available. Cons: I just don't like to do payroll. It would be nice to have a reminder that is sent so that I don't forget to run the payroll which the software has made so EASY! Overall: Easy check printing."
Karen Bostic, KB Tax Services, Courtesy of Capterra

"This has been one of the easiest to use software on the market. Their customer service is great! Pros: I have appreciated their customer service and willingness to help you, right away. As a CPA, I look for companies based in the United States and that can offer exceptional service. I also have appreciated the low price and great product they offer. It has not disappointed me, and I always refer my clients to Patriot Software. Overall: I use it in my business to help my clients meet their payroll software needs."
Angelique Holt, at Angelique Lee Holt, CPA, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: I would say customer service is probably their best selling point. They are very responsive and quick. Their dashboard page is neat. Cons: Sometimes there are lengthy holds to speak to their support team. Their customer service rep do have varying knowledge of the solftware and payroll regs."
Tae Yoo, at Immanuel Covenant Church, Courtesy of Capterra

"This program has been so easy to use and understand. Processing payroll is a breeze! Pros: Everything is great! The instructions are simple and makes doing payroll easy! I am so glad to have found this! Overall: Ease of processing payroll."
Angela Ewton, at Midlothian Plumbing, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Easy to use, affordable, excellent customer service. Whenever we have questions, we receive prompt, courteous, accurate answers."
Melissa Schneider, at Congregation B'Nai Jacob, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: The product is simple and easy to use. Comes with an employee payroll reporting and optional electronic W2's. Cons: Not much. It would be good if it would download to other accounting packages and a mobile app would be nice. Overall: Easy to use payroll."
Jared Feury, Grace and Glory Lutheran Church, Courtesy of Capterra

"Comments: If everything worked as well as Patriot, we employers would be dancing in the streets! I am switching to the full payroll option which allows me to "forget" about making sure payments are made on time. Love it! Pros: I love the east with which I can run reports, print out 941s and EOY reports. It's truly one of the best kept secrets on the internet!"
Linda Roggli, at Passionate Possibility, Inc., Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Price - The alternatives are considerably more expensive or more limiting for their cheaper plans. Ease of Use - Its doesn't take a certified professional to use this software. It is very potent for the simplicity it offers"
Jack Bua, at Bel Covo, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Ease of use. Affordable. Being able to run the payroll at ones convenience is a plus for this product. Cons: Initial set up seems cumbersome for a none accounting person, although all the information requested are needed to run the software successfully. Overall: To be able to run the payroll when convenient, especially for a small organization like ours, is a plus for this software."
Folarin Osundina, at Redeemed Christian Church of God, Courtesy of Capterra

"Practical, and effective for the small business owner! Comments: If you're looking for efficiency, and professionalism, then Patriot Software is the way to go! Each state is different but they definitely figured how to support their customers aside from that. Pros: Easy to use, but great customer support for the not so easy elements of the law. I feel like we're a professional business, with a team working for us!"
Peter Hernandez, at Ohana Shave Ice, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Very user friendly and always great customer service. There really is nothing I can say that's negative about the product. Overall: theres nothing at all I dislike about the product. I tried to think of anything and I really cant! I love it!"
Hayden Schmittauer, at Toledo Business Services, LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: This software manages all of our bills and is able to tell us exactly how much we have in the bank after. Not only that, but it also manages all of our taxes! Cons: The only con that we have found is that it doesn't give us an option to do returns which we deal with frequently in our business. As a result we're forced to use excel to keep track of returns and at the end of every week we have to go through and do deductions."
Leroy Walker, at CarHelp Mobile Mechanic LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Comments: Overall, I've very happy that I found Patriot. I've been using it for about 5 months. The customer service is great! They are very helpful and I am never waiting long to reach someone. The software is easy to use also. However, I am disappointed that there is not system to notify employees when a paycheck is available. I was not aware of this until an employee notified me. This seems like a basic component so I assumed a notification system was in place. I was very surprised to learn this was not happening, and also that there seems to be no plans in place by Patriot to add this. There is also no Mobile App for employees to use, which is also disappointing. Pros: Ease of use. Cost. Customer Service. Assistance with set up was very good. Easy navigation. Tracks important employee dates and information. Cons: No notification to employee when a paycheck is sent. Employees do not see pay stubs unless you print them or they know to login and review."
Marc Kaplan, at Medical Practice, Courtesy of Capterra

"Top Notch customer service, implementation and good value. Pros: The customer service is the best feature; they are so willing to go above and beyond in getting the software setup, training, and any questions along the way. Once set up, the software is easy to use and is a very good value. Cons: I would like the reporting to be a little easier to find and more to the point. Most times, I don't need a detailed report, I just want to know how much did I pay out to employees in total and how much tax total (liability and expense) did I pay. Another thing I would like to see is a place to add accrued PTO and have it automatically add the time. Currently, I have to manually add the PTO on the 1st of every month. Setting up the Nat Pay direct deposit was a bit unsettling as there is a final step that must be completed or the employees don't get paid. This is where the staff of Patriot went above and beyond to help ensure that I didn't miss this crucial step. Still, this is a great software solution and I'm happy to have it."
Vakota M, at Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: The competitive price is the main draw, but the system itself has been simple and intuitive to use as well. Cons: It can be a tad difficult to locate things for the first time, but it's nothing too difficult. Overall, it's a good product."
Martha Go, at CMH, Courtesy of Capterra

"Overall better than Quickbooks. Pros: The software is easy to use and you can import payroll data into Quickbooks. Inexpensive especially compared to Quickbooks. It is roughly 38% of the cost of QB. Support is excellent. The best I have ever experienced for any software. Cons: Need to develop auto emails to employees when new pay stubs and W2's are available. Need to develop another option for full service that fills out the forms automatically but doesn't do all of the filing."
Frank Zito, at FTZ Enterprises LLC, Courtesy of Capterra

"Pros: Customer Service is the best I've encountered. Easy to reach by phone, and in a matter of seconds using the online chat function. Easy to do payroll. Price. Cons: No App. Would be nice to have an app where I can view reports, etc instead of using the browser on my phone."
Nima Azari, at AZARI ATX LLC., Courtesy of Capterra

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