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American Businesses Are PATRIOTs

You’ve come to our About page to learn more about us. But it’s not about us. It’s about you. You’re building your business to make your corner of the world a better place. In our eyes, that makes you an American PATRIOT. We applaud you! But, if you insist on knowing more about us, read on...

STARTUP: We started in the basement of a factory (original 1986 video, 3 minutes) with no heat, no air-conditioning, and floors that would flood. Instead of customers, our only visitors consisted of rats, birds, flies, and snakes! Blankets became our office walls. We ran out of money, maxed out our credit cards, and we borrowed from relatives. It was 4 years before our employees saw anything that resembled a real paycheck. It was a very rough startup, but we had the grit to survive.

GROWTH: Our fledgling startup eventually grew and spawned four additional companies - making five companies in total. Our first four startups were all successful, with two of them actually growing into medium-sized businesses.

CASH: Our fifth startup [Patriot Software] was substantially more difficult and costly than the prior four startups combined. Bootstrapping and self-funding millions of dollars wasn’t enough. We needed to raise tens-of-millions of dollars. To do so, we nearly IPO’d on Nasdaq. We sold/spun-off our other companies. We dealt with vicious bankers. We conducted private capital raises. Yet, we retained our majority ownership, which has put Patriot in a very strong position as a large company.

SUCCESS: Our decades-long journey was filled with successes, tribulations, and even some failures. But by the grace of God, we have fulfilled our dream and now provide the nation’s most simple and affordable accounting and payroll platform for millions of American businesses and their Accountants.

YOU’RE THE REASON: Regardless whether you’re in a small, medium, or large business, we know all-too-well the struggles you endure. We know how hard you work every single day, and we admire your grit and determination. But we also know that with a little accounting and payroll help from us, you are the true American Patriots that will change the world! —Team Patriot

TrustWe're serious about earning your confidence.

The safety and security of your data is our #1 top priority. We protect your data the exact same way that we protect our own critical data. We use some of the highest security hardware technologies and software techniques available anywhere. We adhere to all required federal privacy, anti-fraud, and security laws. We submit ourselves to outside audits and scrutiny by expert specialists. We hire for integrity and good moral character. We bond our employees. Through reference checks, background checks, drug screenings, skill/aptitude testing, and insurance bonding, we ensure a staff you can trust.

  • Encrypted Data
  • Audited Annually
  • Bonded Employees

Our Story Rats, birds, flies, and snakes!

We apologize if some of our words sound a little too bold, arrogant, or even cocky. But our words are driven by the sincere passion and grit of all of our employees at Patriot Software. We have been in the shoes of the struggling business owner. We know how hard our customers work every single day. We admire their drive, determination, and grit. This is what keeps us humble and makes us want to stand with them, helping them succeed.

Our Startup
We started in the basement of a factory decades ago with no heat, no air-conditioning, and floors that would flood. Instead of customers, our only visitors consisted of rats, birds, flies, and snakes! Blankets became our office walls. We ran out of money, maxed out our credit cards, and we borrowed from relatives...

Everything and everybody fought our young staff at every turn. But failure and bankruptcy were not an option. It was 4 years before our employees saw anything that resembled a real paycheck. It was a very rough startup (original 1986 video, 3 minutes), but we had the grit to survive. Our fledgling startup eventually grew and spawned several more companies. Some of those companies eventually became very successful larger businesses.

The Challenge
In spite of our prior successes, our Founder and former engineer, Mike Kappel, said his entrepreneurial spirit still wasn’t satisfied. He asked us to take on another technical challenge, which would end up being our biggest project ever!

He decided that we should build the nation’s most efficient payroll operating system that would someday power every American business, every accountant, and every payroll provider. We told him that this was insane and would take many man years to complete, only to hear his response of, “Well then, you better hurry up and get started.” At that point, business number five was born; Patriot Software.

Writing a payroll operating system wasn’t easy. There’s zero margin for error. Every tax calculation and payroll deduction must be 100% perfect. After we built the core payroll system, we added features and quickly grew our base of customers. Over time, our customers began to love our payroll with an almost cult-like following. That’s when we decided to expand our initial challenge to include building the nation’s simplest accounting software operating system.

Our Progress
Since that date when Kappel spoke his immense challenge to us, we have invested hundreds of man years of our time. Thankfully, we were successful and now operate the payroll and accounting operating systems we envisioned.

Meanwhile, we have witnessed corporate giants and various competitors try to build software like ours, but most have failed due to cost and complexity. While they outsourced their software development and support, we refused to cut corners. We wrote all of our own code and provided our own USA-based support. We even self-funded our own growth and only raised additional capital when necessary.

We know that executing our vision is big, immensely big. But, our software truly helps other businesses be successful, which gives us the grit and passion to keep going -- and go faster -- because we know that when businesses succeed, families are blessed, communities thrive, and our country gets stronger.

- Team Patriot

Our mission, plain and simple...

Our mission is to make accounting and payroll fast, simple, and affordable for millions of American businesses and their accountants.

Customer Reviews

The word on the street is...


The UI is super Easy to use, the product is great, the customer service is good and finally the cost is fab!

Snehee Chaplot, The Food Shop, LLC


It simplifies the whole process. Where before we were clocking time and trying to keep track in Excel spreadsheets and determine tax liabilities, I just didn’t have time to do that stuff. So, Patriot allows us to log the numbers, and it spits out all the numbers of what we owe per check and for the taxes.

Jon Kehl, Crown Community Garden


Patriot has given us the ability to cost code all of our expenses through the accounting software. Without it, I would be spending hours upon hours creating spreadsheets that don’t run reports.

Megan Every, Boss Cider Company

PhilosophyWe are obsessed with making our customers successful.

Due to Patriot’s unique start-up in the basement of a factory (3-minute 1986 video), we have a huge respect for business owners. Our philosophy is to go above and beyond to help you be successful. We provide free setup and support. We offer à la carte pricing with no hidden fees, so you'll only pay for what you choose. We never lock you into a long-term contract— you can cancel anytime without penalty.

This is who we are...Core Values

We give more than we take

We always provide our customers with more value than they pay for. We are not clock-watchers. We always give more of ourselves (and our time) than what is expected of us. We take ownership and pride in our work. For us, it’s not just a job…it’s our passion.

We don't take shortcuts

We don’t compromise on the quality of our products and services. We make the hard decisions required to offer superior quality. We are hard working, honest, and caring. We have integrity. We don’t lie, cheat, or steal. We always get the job done, no matter what!

We lead. We don't follow.

We are original. We don’t copy competitors. We move quickly. Speed matters. Our software is fast, too. We know that change is constantly happening, so we quickly embrace change to make our customers’ lives better.

We follow the golden rule

We treat others how we would want to be treated: customers, co-workers, competitors, etc. We genuinely care about our customers, and we want them to be successful. Our co-workers are like family to us, and we are loyal and accountable to each of them. We honor others and treat them with respect.

We grow leaders

We are ambitious and challenge ourselves and each other to stretch and conquer mountainous objectives. We continuously learn so we can hone our God-given gifts and talents. We strive for excellence by measuring our processes to achieve steady improvement in all areas of our work product. We take calculated risks to disrupt the status quo because we know anything is possible!

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"If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."Marc Anthony

We’re doing what we love here at Patriot. We are passionate—actually a little obsessed—in helping to ensure every American business succeeds. Sure, we work hard, but we also play hard and never take ourselves too seriously. Let us know if you’d like to join in the fun we’re having!

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