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Accounting Software FAQs

We’ve answered the most common accounting software frequently asked questions so you can feel confident our accounting software is right for you!
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Accounting Overview

We made this accounting solution simple by design. You do not need any special training to track income and expenses, generate customer invoices, or print reports for your accountant. There are plenty of help articles and videos to learn how to use the software.

No, our Accounting Basic Software and Accounting Premium Software are both stand-alone products. While we’d love for you to try our award-winning payroll products, they are not required to use our accounting software.

Yes. We integrate with CardConnect, a third-party payment processor, to provide you and your customers with a seamless payment experience. You must sign up with CardConnect or be an existing merchant.

Patriot Software does not charge for credit card processing in the accounting software; however, CardConnect has a standard fee schedule.

No. You can add (and invoice) an unlimited number of customers in the software.

Yes! With Accounting Premium, you can send recurring invoices to your customers on your desired schedule at no additional charge.

With Accounting Premium, you can set up multiple logins to give to your accountant and/or others as needed at no additional cost!

There is no limit to the number of bank transactions you can import from your bank account.

We use a third party to securely and seamlessly integrate your bank transactions, Plaid, Inc. Plaid supports most major banks and credit unions. However, you will need online banking access with your bank.

Patriot Software has a unique patented cash-to-accrual basis toggle that will display your financial reports in cash or accrual basis with the simple click of a button. This means you can use the easy-to-understand cash basis for everyday entries, but can give your accountant the needed information in accrual-basis reporting.

This toggle doesn’t “convert” the cash-basis entries to cash- or accrual-basis accounting. It makes entries in each format and stores the data so it is ready for accurate reporting.

Patriot’s Accounting Basic and Accounting Premium both integrate seamlessly with Patriot Basic Payroll and Patriot Full Service Payroll.

Yes! Here’s a list of what can be imported into and exported from the accounting software:

  Import  Download/Export
All Accounting Reports  Yes
Customers  Yes  Yes
Vendors/Contractors  Yes  Yes
Products & Services  Coming Soon  Yes
Customer Invoices  Yes, individually
Customer Estimates  Yes, individually
Customer Credits  Yes, individually
Trial Balance  Yes  Yes
Bank Transactions  Yes
Receipts and Documents  Yes
Chart of Accounts  Yes
Journal Entries  Coming Soon

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