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Payroll Software FAQs

We’ve answered the most common questions so you can start using our payroll software like a pro!
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Payroll Overview

The software is designed for small- or medium-sized businesses in all industries. Whether you are a seasoned business or just starting out, our software will help you keep your time and money.

Yes. You may run a payroll whenever you need to in the payroll software. And, at no additional charge!

No–our software is only available to companies with employees working in the USA. It’s our passion to help American businesses by providing streamlined, easy, and affordable payroll management solutions.

Patriot Software will not share your information with any outside party without your prior permission. (We hate spam too!)

Yes. You may begin using the payroll application at any time during the year. You will want to make sure you enter all of your employee payroll history in the software so end-of-the-year W2s are accurate. (We can help! We offer free payroll setup to help you get your account set up and can enter all payroll history for you.)

You can use Patriot’s Basic Payroll Software to pay household employees.  Our full Service payroll does not file Schedule H at this time. Also, please note that if you do not have a business bank account, you will not be able to use our direct deposit. You will however be able to print checks from the software.

You can use Patriot’s basic payroll for your calculations, but we do not offer the IRS form 943 for either basic payroll customers or full service payroll customers. Want to be the first to know when we add this feature? Just fill out the form below.


Full Service Payroll

Our Full Service is perfect for small- and medium-sized businesses in the USA and handles all employee taxes and most employer taxes, including federal, state, and local taxes.

Patriot collects and files Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Washington and Wyoming. For other states, we do offer free integration with AP Intego, who offers Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

Yes, we file in all 50 states. However, there is a $12 fee for each additional state that we file in.

No. While you can set up custom deductions and contributions, Patriot Software DOES NOT handle the remitting of these funds to the proper agencies at this time. However, it’s on our radar, and we look to offer this sometime in the near future!

After you have completed your tax filing setup, Patriot Software will collect payroll taxes on approved payrolls usually the first banking day before the pay date. If payroll is run on the same day as the pay date, payroll taxes will be collected on the next available banking day.

Pricing & Billing

In the months you don’t run payroll, you will only be charged the base price for the payroll.

Patriot Software accepts credit or debit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover for your software and service fees.

Direct Deposit

We will only accept applications from small business owners using a commercial/business bank account for their payroll.

Patriot offers free 2-day direct deposit, 3-day direct deposit and 4-day direct deposit. Your money will be ACH debited from your bank after you run payroll for the actual amount of your payroll.

We also offer the ability to send bank wires for your payroll or payroll prefunding.

There’s no additional software charge for providing direct deposit to your employees.


Since our payroll software is online, you only need access to a web browser and the Internet. There’s no software to download.

When building solutions, they are designed to be highly secure, performant, and scalable. Solutions are built on a cloud provider giving us the ability to quickly respond to outages and threats. Patriot Security & Systems Team is notified immediately when monitoring systems detect abnormal activity.

We utilize a diverse set of technologies to safeguard your data. Policies are implemented to ensure that these technologies are properly installed and maintained. Third-party audits are conducted to verify we meet industry standards.

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